Dyndrite Developer Conference 2021

Tuesday April 20th 2021 Wednesday April 21st 2021
Dyndrite Developer Conference 2021, sponsored by HP, is the foremost online event for next-generation, production-grade, additive manufacturing hardware and software. Keynotes, technical discussions, and technology showcases will feature advances by the developers, licensees, and academics using Dyndrite technology. Watch, listen to, and interact with the experts developing the next generation of additive manufacturing solutions
This event is a key opportunity to learn how the next level of performance and automation will create new markets from those doing it. In just 3 hours a day over 2 days, DDC2021 delivers maximum information with minimum wasted time. Featuring the latest OEM research and advances, benchmarks, software demonstrations, and customer use cases, DDC2021 will highlight the changes in compute power, performance, and automation coming to additive manufacturing.Join us to learn more about how Dyndrite is changing the face of additive manufacturing.