DyeMansion on the Value of Events Like RAPID + TCT in Driving the AM Industry Forward

Published on June 10, 2024 by Alicia M.
DyeMansion rapid tct

With two weeks to go before RAPID + TCT begins, the excitement continues to build around the extensive lineup of exhibitors set to showcase their innovations in additive manufacturing. This event, taking place from June 25-27 in Los Angeles, California, is renowned for gathering the industry’s leading companies under one roof. As part of our ongoing series of interviews with key participants, today we feature DyeMansion, a company at the forefront of providing cutting-edge post-processing solutions for 3D printed parts. We had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Schorr, General Manager for DyeMansion North America, to gain insights into their presence at RAPID + TCT and to discuss their latest advancements and expectations for the event.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Mike Schorr, and I’m the General Manager for DyeMansion North America. I’m responsible for the entirety of the US business, so I’m heavily involved in server-side sales – our go-to-market strategy, and all of our internal operations. I’ve been with DyeMansion for over four and a half years, and I’ve worked through the application side, including all of our customer relation developments and projects.

Mike Schorr, General Manager for DyeMansion North America

In the past, I was heavy on the consumer product world with Under Armor and had helped lead the innovation 3D printing lab and traditional manufacturing. I was also involved in all sorts of technologies, including 3D printing, material development, combining traditional manufacturing and additive, and, of course, finding different ways to launch actual consumer-grade products along with internal stakeholder-type meeting products. Before that, I was in the aerospace and defense industry, utilizing 3D printing and traditional manufacturing. So, I’ve dealt with additive manufacturing for more than 12 years.

3DN: Why is it important for DyeMansion to be at RAPID + TCT?

As RAPID + TCT is the largest AM event in the US, we became interested in the show from 2019 when our business officially started in the country. Being present at RAPID + TCT is key because it’s where everyone is. This is especially important as a post-processing company, because there aren’t too many of us, especially in the polymer space, and even fewer that offer a full portfolio, not just cleaning, but also surfacing and coloring solutions. It’s critical because we can showcase our equipment, new software, or developments that are coming through. Obviously, it gives us a really great chance to meet with our clients and prospective clients as well.

3DN: What are you showcasing this year?

Traditionally, we’ve had experience launching new equipment through different trade shows, and at RAPID + TCT, we usually bring that equipment to the US for the first time. In the last 18 months or so, we’ve acknowledged that the small platform sales partners have really blossomed, so we’re trying to attack that part of the market. At DyeMansion, we are launching a special and unique finishing service called the Black Diamond Finishing Hub. It will be geared toward these small platform users and offer a high-quality finishing service and coloring surfacing through our platforms.

3DN: What do you expect from the show? What are you the most excited about?

RAPID + TCT combines an educational approach, bringing young new entrepreneurs into the business, and it also gives us a chance to meet with all of our key personnel. Traditionally, there’s been a mix of technology experts and decision-makers coming into RAPID + TCT, giving us a great chance to sit down with all the key stakeholders. We also get to really see the excitement and engage with some people who have never been to a trade show in the US before. To sum up, it provides us a bit of excitement from the new people, but also the key stakeholders to follow through with critical business decisions.

3DN: What will attendees get out of the exhibition?

In my experience, going to RAPID + TCT has always been the event if you want to see hardware and talk to all the different people within the companies you’re trying to see. With other trade shows, often there are only very key personnel attending, and likely, not as many actual hardware solutions. But at RAPID + TCT, if you want to put together the material people, the OEM and machine manufacturers, the post-processing people, and even the software, you can find all of them and their solutions, usually on the show floor. It gives you an excellent chance to see it, experience it, and talk to the right people in one place.

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3DN: Any last words for our readers?

We are very excited to be at RAPID + TCT again. This will be, at least, my sixth time attending RAPID + TCT, and my first time attending the event on the West Coast. We’ll get to see a lot of folks who aren’t traditionally at the show, and we are definitely excited to welcome you all to our booth and talk to our key personnel.

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*All photo credits: DyeMansion

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