Decathlon Unveils New Sports Shoe in Collaboration with HP and Lonati

Published on June 15, 2023 by Avery S.

Decathlon, in collaboration with HP and the Lonati Group, has introduced a groundbreaking sports shoe created through 3D printing technology. This partnership combines HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology with Lonati’s knitting machinery to design a pair of shoes that revolutionizes environmentally friendly shoe production.

Additive manufacturing has gained significant traction in the sports industry for shoe manufacturing. Notable projects, such as the fully 3D-printed ELASTIUM-1 and Adidas’ models like the 4DFWD and 4D Fusio, have showcased the potential of additive manufacturing. Zellerfeld, a shoe manufacturer, even launched a dedicated platform for their 3D printed shoe collection.

Decathlon chaussure

The shoes’ soles are made using HP 3D printing technology (Photo credits: HP)

A Shoe That’s Both Lightweight and Shock-Resistant

The newly unveiled Decathlon shoe uses HP’s 3D printer, the Jet Fusion 5200, to create the midsole and outsole. These components are made from Ultrasint TPU01, a versatile thermoplastic polyurethane powder supplied by BASF. The choice of this material is based on its ability to absorb shocks and provide flexibility, crucial features for sports shoes. The collaboration between HP and Decathlon demonstrates the benefits of 3D printing in terms of customization, design, and comfort. Lonati’s involvement is focused on the creation of the shoe’s top, using their XT-MACHINE and Double Cylinder E1530XS knitting machines to produce a lightweight and comfortable fabric “sock.”

One of the main advantages of 3D printing in shoe manufacturing is its potential for environmentally friendly production. Traditional shoe manufacturing processes often hinder repair or recycling efforts. However, additive manufacturing addresses these challenges. The Decathlon shoe utilizes a glueless assembly method, making it easily repairable when damaged. Additionally, the use of a single material for the soles improves the shoe’s recyclability. Don Albert, Footwear Industry Manager at HP Personalization and 3D Printing, says:“HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology ushers in a new era of sustainable and innovative manufacturing. We are proud to partner with Decathlon to showcase the immense potential of 3D printing and contribute to the development of more environmentally friendly manufacturing. The Lonati group’s expertise in textile manufacturing is fully in line with our values ​​of respect for the environment. This collaboration is a real source of inspiration”. 

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*Cover credit photo: HP

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