Cobra Golf Unveils LIMIT3D: First Commercially Available 3D Printed Irons

Published on May 28, 2024 by Isaac B.

In a significant change for the golf industry, Cobra Golf has introduced their LIMIT3D irons, the first-ever commercially available irons leveraging 3D printing technology. This release marks a potential turning point for club design, promising to deliver an unprecedented blend of feel, forgiveness, and precision, reshaping how golfers experience their game.

Traditionally, 3D printing in the golf club industry was a privilege reserved for prototypes and exclusive releases for professional players like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler. However, Cobra Golf has shattered this barrier with their new LIMIT3D irons, a commercially available set that brings cutting-edge 3D printing technology to the hands of everyday golfers.

The internal lattice structure of the LIMIT3D iron.

The core component of these irons is a fully 3D printed 316L stainless steel body featuring a novel internal lattice structure. This design enables a 33% weight redistribution within the clubhead without compromising overall strength—advantages that traditional forging and casting methods cannot achieve.

Highlighting the benefits of incorporating 3D printing into the clubs’ design, Mike Yagley, VP of innovation and AI at Cobra Golf, stated, “This unique design, which is only possible using 3D-printing, allows for up to 100 grams of tungsten to be placed in the heel and toe areas of the clubhead, creating a low CG and an exceptionally high moment of inertia relative to the shape and size of the club.”

The LIMIT3D irons are designed to achieve a balance between the feel associated with blade-style irons and the forgiveness and distance often found in game-improvement irons. According to Cobra, this is achieved through the lattice structure inside the clubhead, which reduces weight and enhances the club’s stability and feel at impact. With 3D printing, precise acoustic tuning is ensured, giving golfers a satisfying sound and feel without the need for internal polymers.

Cobra’s partnership with nTop, a leader in computational design software, was crucial in bringing this technology to life. Their software has enabled Cobra to streamline its prototyping processes, allowing it to move from concept to testing more efficiently. This collaboration is expected to push the boundaries of golf club design. It will likely transform the somewhat impractical concept of 3D printed irons into a tangible reality more accessible to a broader range of golfers. “We’re able to have the ability to analyze structures with lattice in them, which is a chore if you’re trying to do it through the software that we normally would use because there’s a lot of element sizes, and everything is very detailed.” Ryan Roach added, Cobra’s senior innovation engineer.

The LIMIT3D irons are projected to be in high demand, with only 500 sets available worldwide. Priced at $3,000 for a 4-PW set, they will be available to order early next month.

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