Budmen: 3D Printed Tasty Treats for the Whole Family

Published on March 23, 2018 by Jamie D.

Budmen have been well-known for a while as creators of stunning 3D printed lamps, each uniquely customised. However, since then they have been working on a new project, their Neon Nom Noms. After seeing how delicious these 3D printed treats looked, we sat down with Stephanie Keefe, co-founder of Budmen Industries, to find out more.

3DN: Introduce yourself and what Budmen Industries do in the 3D printing industry!

Budmen Industries is an industrial design workshop where we explore the creative possibilities of the latest technology. We use Industrial Imagination, our method of bringing imaginative and artistic uses for typical industrial processes. Isaac Budmen and I are co-owners here at Budmen Industries. I started as a pastry chef in Chicago perfecting traditional techniques before experimenting with 3D printers. Now my culinary work in Philadelphia uses 3D printing technology to make intricate designs and precise details that would not otherwise be possible by hand.


3DN: Tell us more about your latest project, Neon Nom Noms! How did you come up with the idea?

Neon Nom Noms – the phenomenon you can nom on –  are my latest experiment in cooking and technology. These intricate and mouthwatering computational confections start out as plastic 3D models. They are cast by hand into silicone molds, and then filled with dark chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels, and nougat – a perfect blend of sweet and salty. To finish the process, these techno treats are then airbrushed several colors by hand to achieve a unique neon gradient.


3DN: Can you tell us about the production process of these ‘techno treats’? (Material used, machines used, colors…)

Many of my designs are influenced by the oceanic themes from time spent living in the Caribbean – this one was specifically inspired by the spiral shapes of shells.

To create these intricate designs, I use a variety of CAD softwares – moving the model from program to program to perfect the form. At Budmen Industries, we invent the tools ourselves! These were printed using one of our Budmen Industries’ 3D printers that were designed specifically for our Techno Test Kitchen.


3DN: What is the added value of using 3D technologies in the food industry?

There is bright future for 3D printing in the kitchen. With 3D printers, there are endless possibilities for futuristic food with precise and complex forms. For more information, please visit

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