The BQ Witbox Go! is renewed this Christmas

Published on December 17, 2018 by Michelle J.

2017 saw the birth of one of the star machines of the Spanish company BQ; the Witbox Go! This brand, especially known for its mobiles, has managed to position itself as one of the three best-selling 3D printer manufacturers in Europe. Among its machines, some stand out, such as the  Witbox 2 with its professional commitment and, evidently, the 3D printer for those who are taking their first steps in 3D printing technologies, the BQ Witbox Go!

To know the latest launch of the brand a few months ago our Lab 3Dnatives made a complete test of the Witbox Go! This machine of FDM technology with a printing volume of 140 x 140 x 140 mm, is according to our experts, a 3D printer specially designed for the education sector and for people looking to understand 3D printing in a fast way And simple.

BQ Witbox Go

A 3D printer very well valued in the education sector

What to expect with the BQ Witbox Go! this Christmas?

To close the year properly, BQ has decided to renew its bet for beginners and equip its machine with new capabilities. The 3D printer was the first to be manufactured with an Android operating system and to incorporate a Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ processor. To increase its compatibility, the brand announced that it is already compatible with MAC, iOS, Widows and Linux , which ensures that any user can use it.

The Witbox Go! from BQ is a very intuitive machine. This leading to the brand’s decision to add new features so that novice users can print without major worries. A new jam manager has been included, which unties the machine if necessary and resumes printing. The machine itself is already intuitive and without wires, but to reinforce this idea, a new Wi-Fi communications module has been added that allows managing more than one printer simultaneously and makes connections with the Zetup software much more stable. Related to the software, improvements have been made in terms of the lamination and scaling of the files to be printed, as well as in the management of the parameters of the printer. In addition it now have the ability to edit .zup files.

BQ Witbox go

The ecosystem of the Witbox Go! It has had improvements at hardware and software level

Finally, and to reinforce the easy use of the Witbox Go! a little more, BQ has launched a Zetup mobile app for iOS and Android with the new 3D printer assistant BLE (Bluetooth low-energy), which improves the usability of the app and opens the possibilities of user management.

From Zetup, the 3D software developed by the Spanish company, you can access the complete repository of 3D models of MyMiniFactory. Something that has also been opened to users of Zetup PC. Being able to load them automatically makes it a lot simply, as it only takes few clicks to start printing.

Undoubtedly all the news that the brand has added to the Witbox Go! will make more than one fix your eyes on what can be a very good gift for lovers of 3D printing. Otherwise it can be an easy beginning for those who are still having doubts about whether 3D printing was too complicated.

For more information about the machine’s news, you can visit the official BQ website HERE.

BQ Witbox go

Zetup, the software developed by BQ has had compatibility improvements

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