Boeing protects aeronautical additive manufacturing with Assembrix

Published on May 24, 2018 by Alexandrea P.
Boeing assembrix

Aeronautical and aerospace builder Boeing recently announced a new partnership with Assembrix, an Israeli company known for their industrial additive manufacturing platform. Their program allows you to oversee the entire digital process, from design to production and verification. Boeing is expected to adopt the Assembrix solution to protect the intellectual property of their 3D printable models.

Intellectual property applied to additive manufacturing is a key topic for many market players who need to protect their 3D models and creations, especially in the aerospace sector; manufacturers do not want to see their optimized parts topologically copied by a competitor. Solutions have therefore been developed in the 3D printing market to ensure the safety of the production line. For example, the startup Identify3D protects all data and ensures the traceability of production.

Boeing assembrix

Boeing will now be able to count on the Assembrix solution

Boeing, an adept player in additive manufacturing for some years now, has turned to Assembrix. This Israeli company has developed geometric algorithms combined with robotics to protect 3D files against interception, corruption, and decryption, facilitating secure sharing between internal teams and confirmed external clients. Boeing should be able to send its 3D files safely through this platform.

“We are pleased to partner with Boeing and value its confidence in us and in our capabilities,” said Lior Polak, Assembrix CEO. “This collaboration supports our vision to develop and implement innovative solutions that connect the world and take the additive manufacturing digital thread one step forward.”

This partnership should allow the US manufacturer to continue their work in additive manufacturing and strengthen their links with the Israeli market. Boeing now operates more than 20 3D-equipped sites around the world and has a large network of 3D printed parts suppliers for its commercial, space and defense divisions. Last year, the company ordered the first FAA-appr oved, 3D printed titanium parts for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Boeing assembrix

3D printed Titanium parts by Boeing

Find more information in their official press release.

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