Ben Serotta and APWorks Team Up to Create Personalized, 3D Printed Bikes

Published on July 3, 2023 by Avery S.

Ben Serotta, a renowned figure in the cycling industry, is making waves in the road bike scene with his exceptional designer bikes. Teaming up with APWorks, a prominent player in the additive manufacturing (AM) field, they aim to revolutionize the industry by producing personalized, 3D printed bikes. As the chairman of Higher Ground Cycling LLC, Serotta is responsible for crafting the highly regarded Serotta limited edition steel and titanium bikes. With a wealth of experience in bike manufacturing and personalization, the company made a comeback in 2020 after an 8-year hiatus. Ben Serotta himself is recognized as a trailblazer in bike sizing and fitting, ensuring that every aspect of the bikes is meticulously designed and thoroughly tested.

What sets Serotta’s approach apart is their unwavering commitment to individualization. Rather than offering off-the-shelf bikes, they prioritize understanding the unique needs and preferences of each customer. By leveraging the experiences of other cyclists, customers can have their road bikes tailored to their exact specifications. The focus is squarely on meeting the specific requirements of riders, providing a truly personalized biking experience that goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach.“Ask any successful endurance athlete and there’s no doubt that when it comes to optimizing performance, nothing beats the benefits that come from customizing equipment, as long as it’s done right,” Serotta says.

Serotta bikes, such as the Duetti road bike, are crafted in close collaboration with the customer. Throughout the manufacturing process, meticulous attention is given to fine-tuning the bike to meet the individual’s specific requirements, taking into account their needs, preferences, and riding style. (Photo credits: Serotta)

APWorks, situated in the southern region of Munich, recognizes the growing significance of personalization. The company aims to leverage its own technologies to enhance the customizability of consumer goods. With the advent of 3D printing, customers can now enjoy superior, high-performance products that are tailored to their specific requirements in a faster and more efficient manner. APWorks has made notable strides in the aerospace sector, particularly through its expertise in Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF) printing using materials like Scalmalloy. This has resulted in successful collaborations with industry leaders such as Airbus, solidifying APWorks’ position in the field.

APWorks: Pioneering Personalized 3D Printed Bicycles

APWorks has introduced Scalmalloy, a remarkable combination of scandium and an aluminum alloy, hailed as the “highest strength aluminum alloy for additive manufacturing.” While initially gaining recognition for its applications in the bicycle industry, APWorks aims to extend the benefits of their automated workflow and streamlined processes to various lines of business. By prioritizing product customization, APWorks showcases the advantages of 3D printing in consumer goods. The company’s involvement in the production of the Swanigami X23, which used Scalmalloy, has already provided valuable experience in the bicycle industry and serves as a testament to their expertise in additive manufacturing.

personalisiertes 3D-gedrucktes Fahrrad

3D printed components made of Scalmalloy from APWorks were already used in the design of the Swanigami X23. (Photo credits: Toot Racing)

When it comes to making a choice, customers seek assurance and rely on credible feedback from experienced manufacturers. APWorks and Serotta understand this crucial aspect and are determined to combine their extensive knowledge in bike customization, cycling, material science, design, engineering, and additive manufacturing (AM) to deliver an unparalleled cycling experience. The challenge they face lies in harmonizing these diverse domains to create something truly exceptional. To learn more about this exciting collaboration, visit the APWorks and Serotta homepage HERE.

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*Cover Photo Credits: Serotta

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