Beamler facilitates the integration of additive manufacturing in the industry

Published on September 3, 2018 by Michelle J.

Beamler is a startup based in Amsterdam and present in Germany that wants to facilitate the integration of 3D printing technologies in companies in 4 steps. It is aimed at different sectors such as aerospace, the automobile or the maritime domain. We met with their marketing manager, Hugo Campos, to understand how additive manufacturing technologies can become a competitive advantage and more broadly how they fit into the industry.

3DN: Can you tell us more about Beamler?

Beamler is a specialty software company founded in 2016 by Willem-Jan van Loon, whose goal is to minimize operational constraints in the 3D printing industry. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of our customers by offering a variety of additive manufacturing solutions. Although the number of manufacturers using 3D printing is increasing, it is estimated that 68% of them face operational and implementation problems caused by lack of information and / or resources. We want to solve this problem.


The Beamler team

At the heart of our software is a comprehensive database for industrial 3D printing, consisting of more than 640 types of 3D printers and 680 materials in more than 400 locations worldwide (a total of more than 10,000 3D printers). We provide engineers and designers with actionable data and connect them to a global industrial 3D printing network, enabling them to launch products faster.

Another solution we propose to solve the problem mentioned above, and which receives very positive comments from business leaders, is a service that makes key strategic decisions regarding 3D printing.

3DN: How did the idea of ​​creating a network of additive manufacturing services come about?

The idea appeared 3 years ago when Willem-Jan traveled to Sweden for an international exhibition of the parcel post industry. The participating companies were the main players in this industry, such as DHL, FEDEX and others. At that time, Willem had more than 5 years of experience in 3D printing and was invited because these actors wanted to know more about this technology that promised to change the way the company was organized.

Willem traveled to Stockholm, with two 3D printers in his car, and from the first day of the exhibition, he faced a situation that gradually built his vision. One of the show’s exhibitors approached Willem and explained that he needed help because one of the plastic parts of his machine was broken, preventing him from showing it to visitors. The spare part being in Japan, it would take days to change it.  


The Beamler platform

Willem then examined the piece and asked a designer to model it in 3D. He was able to print it for only 12 cents in less than 8 minutes. They installed the 3D printed part on the machine, which was able to work again; a relief for this exhibitor who finally sold the machine for 450,000 €. That’s how Willem realized that something had to be done, so Beamler’s idea began to ripen.

3DN: How does Beamler work for customers and service providers? What are their advantages?

Our services have been designed with the needs of industrial manufacturers in mind and two key roles within these companies – their managers and engineers.

Our powerful database combined with our software allows us to offer a service that helps companies make a smooth transition to the future of manufacturing. Even though it is new, this service receives a lot of positive feedback from customers. In short, it provides business owners with information to make informed decisions for an effective 3D printing strategy and guides them through the process of implementing this strategy. This new software is unique in the industry and it surprises us again!


Choose your print settings

The other solution is a classic 3D printing service and slightly improved, at least the free version. Through this platform, we connect engineers and product designers to a global network of 3D printers and provide them with 3D printing data that allows them to launch products faster.

3DN: What are Beamler’s future projects?

We have a lot… Recently, we acquired Printr, another software company that created an ERP system for desktop 3D printing. Despite a raise of 750,000 euros, they were forced to stop their operations in October 2017 “due to unexpected developments in the industry.” We are working on the integration of several functions of their ERP into our 3D printing platform.

In addition to that, we are working on improving our platform and database. For example, we still do not have an instant quote system, but we are working on it. We do not know yet when it will be ready, we hope as soon as possible. With regard to our database, we receive a lot of positive comments but we work tirelessly to make the database even more detailed.


A piece printed in 3D after the adjustments made by Beamler

And then, of course, we also want more customers. We opened an office in Munich 3 months ago and we are very satisfied because the market in southern Germany is very interesting for us. We also plan to expand our team.

3DN: A last word for our readers?

Hmm… well, I just said that we want to expand our team, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us ! We have part-time vacancies, full-time positions and a few internships.

you can watch a short introduction of the company here:

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