BASF Talks Pioneering Innovations in Additive Manufacturing Materials at RAPID + TCT 2024

Published on June 5, 2024 by Alicia M.
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It is known that RAPID + TCT stands as North America’s premier event for additive manufacturing, drawing a diverse range of companies from across the production chain into a single, dynamic show. In anticipation of this year’s show, taking place from June 25-27 in Los Angeles, California, we are continuing our series of pre-event interviews with some of the key exhibitors. In today’s interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with representatives from BASF, a global leader in the chemical industry. BASF has been at the forefront of innovation in materials science, driving advancements that are crucial to the additive manufacturing sector. We sat down with Rebecca Fecteau, to discuss BASF’s presence at RAPID + TCT, their latest innovations, and their expectations for the event. Join us as we delve into how BASF is contributing to the evolution of additive manufacturing and what attendees can look forward to at this year’s show.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself?

Rebecca Fecteau

My name is Rebecca Fecteau and I am Regional Director, Americas for BASF Forward AM. As the Regional Director of BASF’s 3D Printing group in the Americas, I bring over a decade of experience in technical and commercial roles within the traditional specialty chemical industry. Passionate about technology, I transitioned into the AM industry 7 years ago. In this role, I am dedicated to maximizing value for our customers by providing materials and services that unlock the potential of 3D printing by lowering cost, enhancing production efficiencies, and enabling next-generation performance.

3DN: Why is it important to be at RAPID + TCT? What are the benefits of attending?

Attending RAPID + TCT provides an opportunity to witness the latest innovations, connect with key industry players, and most importantly, engage with potential end-users and beneficiaries of the technology. Being that the event serves as a convergence point of these industry leaders, innovators, and customers, it provides an exceptional opportunity to gather insights straight from the source. This direct engagement is invaluable for tailoring our solutions to meet the evolving demands of the broader market, ensuring that our offerings are as impactful and relevant as possible.

3DN: What is BASF showcasing this year?

We’re excited to feature two examples of advancing manufacturing. The first is with our materials for mold solutions, targeting injection molding inserts, as well as polyurethane molds. These solutions are allowing our partners to reduce tooling time from weeks to days saving time and money.

BASF will present its latest materials for 3D printing at RAPID + TCT

We will also be showcasing our TPU solutions, specifically focusing on the power of lattice structures and the combination with traditional technologies to reach next generation performance of helmet protection. You’ll be able to see the football helmet we worked on with Xenith and the NFL along with more information on the Ultrasim® 3D Lattice Library directly embedded into Hyperganic’s new design software HyDesign.

3DN: What do you expect from the show? What will attendees get out of the exhibition?

Being on the West Coast this year, we are looking forward to connecting with new industries and new potential customers that may be attending for the first time. We are excited to learn about their current challenges and share our knowledge and expertise on how AM could potentially drive their business into the future.

Attending RAPID + TCT is a must for anyone excited about the fast-moving world of 3D printing. It’s the perfect place to see the latest innovations up close and find out how they can benefit your business. You’ll get to meet industry leaders, explore groundbreaking technologies, and learn new ways to stay ahead of the competition. Plus, you’ll pick up tips to boost your business and create value for your shareholders. Don’t miss this chance to be at the forefront of 3D printing and take your company to the next level!

3DN: Any last words for our readers?

I would encourage everyone to visit the BASF Booth #1245 to discover more about our material and service solutions and the exceptional partners we’re collaborating with. Together, let’s Keep Moving Forward.

The BASF team at RAPID + TCT

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*All photo credits: BASF

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