Barilla Has Introduced Spaghetto 3D, a New 3D Printed Spaghetti

Published on July 4, 2023 by Madeleine P.
barilla 3D printed spaghetti

For Italians at home and abroad, no pasta is more iconic than spaghetti. Even in the United States, spaghetti is a staple in homes across the country with the long form of the noodles an endless source of inspiration for chefs as well as home cooks. And now, there is yet another way to make this renowned dish. Barilla, one of the leading producers of pasta worldwide, has introduced Spaghetto 3D, a new form of 3D printed pasta that they have conceived for the creation of original and surprising finger food appetizers. A part of Barilla’s BluRhapsody® brand, which we have already talked about, the move shows the increasing intersection between modernity and innovation with tradition.

Spaghetto 3D is created from the same ingredients as a traditional spaghetti, starting with semolina and water dough, what changes is the process as this special format is produced by BluRhapsody® food 3D printer. It is a unique pre-rolled spaghetti that, according to the manufacturer, creates a bite with a tasty and engaging texture. This is why the Spaghetto 3D has been presented not as a “standard” pasta format for a first course, but rather as an appetizer food. Risky or innovative? We will need to wait for the first feedback from those who have already had a chance to taste it to tell!


Barilla is trying to reinvent pasta through 3D printing with Spaghetto 3D

Each noodle has a size of 3 cm base by 2.3 cm height-a size designed specifically to allow it to be eaten as a finger food appetizer. The nest shape is designed precisely to be taken with the fingers. With this new format Barilla wants to launch a new gesture, a new ritual for pasta as well as bring it to new places to consume pasta, from apéritifs on the terrace, to pre-dinner tasting, to picnics. Indeed, as can be seen in the image above, it can even be consumed in a frozen or cold format for truly innovative creations.

Valentina Parravicini, BluRhapsody Marketing and Business Development Manager explained, “We wanted to call it Spaghetto 3D to shake the imagination by juxtaposing tradition with technology, inviting people to disengage from custom and project themselves into new gastronomic paths and new consumption experiences.” Moreover, Spaghetto 3D is already available on the company’s online shop along with several other 3D printed pasta shapes, and will be available exclusively in the Barilla i Parma store. You can find out more on BluRhapsody’s online store HERE.

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