Bambu Lab Issues Update on A1 3D Printer Recall

Published on June 17, 2024 by Isaac B.
Bambu Lab Recall

Following the initial Bambu Lab announcement of a recall earlier this year, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has formalized this (5 months later), confirming that it has impacted approximately 12,800 units of A1 3D printers sold before January 30, 2024. This move follows early 2024 reports of unstable temperature readings and heating issues linked to damage in the heatbed cable, initially addressed in late January.

In January, Bambu Lab began receiving feedback about potential problems with their A1 3D printers. Users reported unstable temperature readings and heating issues, traced back to damage in the heatbed cable caused by excessive bending. Despite initial attempts to mitigate the problem, ongoing issues necessitated a broader recall. Bambu Lab had initially urged customers to stop using the printers immediately, offering either a full refund or a replacement heatbed once available.

Bambu Lab Recall Details and Consumer Safety

With the news from the USPSC, we have also seen more information on the formal recall, announced last week on June 13, 2024. More specifically, it seems it targets units with the letter “A” as the sixth digit in their serial numbers, found on the QR code sticker at the rear of the printer. The safety risks include potential electric shock and fire hazards due to possible short-circuits in damaged heatbed cables. To date, Bambu Lab has reported 19 instances of damaged cables, including one incident of sparking, though no injuries have occurred.

What is good news is that it seems that problem is pretty much solved. Bambu Lab continues to advise all A1 3D printer owners to immediately cease using their devices. Unchanged since their initial announcement earlier this year, affected consumers are still provided with two options, although now it seems that customers will receive their replacements:

  • Full Refund: Consumers can return their A1 printer for a complete refund. Bambu Lab will provide a prepaid shipping label and an additional $80 voucher for use in their online store. Consumers can expect their refund and voucher within 15 business days.
  • Heatbed and Cable Replacement: For those who prefer to keep their printer, Bambu Lab offers a free replacement of the heatbed and cable, to be performed by a trained electronics repair technician. This option includes a $120 voucher for their online store. Bambu Lab will reimburse consumers for reasonable repair charges.

Damaged A1 printer cables, reported by consumers in January. (Photo Credits: Bambu Lab)

Additionally, to facilitate these remedies, Bambu Lab has set up a dedicated recall webpage where consumers can register for either option. For those unable to return their printer in the original packaging, Bambu Lab offers up to $10 reimbursement for purchasing a new box and cushioning material.

However, that does not mean that it has all been smooth sailing. It seems that the relatively late announcement from the American government has had some unintended consequences. According to an employee at Bambu Lab, the announcement sparked some chaos when it comes to TikTok. In a LinkedIn post, Cedric Mallet notes that the CPSC did not specify in the recall announcement that it only applied to printers sold before January 30th, 2024. This in turn caused TikTok, where printers were sold directly to content creators, to refund all A1 printers sold through the shop without consulting the company, advising customers to keep or destroy the printers in question.

Understandably, this has been a high cost to the company, often for printers which were not even impacted. While Bambu Lab is hoping to resolve the issue directly with their customers, as Mallet mentioned, it is a sure sign of the importance of verifying information, especially when Bambu Lab has been quite upfront throughout this entire situation. To learn more about Bambu Lab’s latest update, click here.

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*Cover Photo Credits: Bambu Lab

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