Aprecia and Nanoform Join Forces to Advance 3D Printed Nanomedicines

Published on April 26, 2021 by Amelia H.

Nanoform, a company specialising innovative nanoparticle medicine, and Aprecia, a 3D printing pharmaceutical company, have announced that they intend to collaborate in an endeavor to advance 3D printed nanomedicines. Taking advantage of the synergies between their respective technologies in the field of nanoparticle-enabled 3D printed dosage forms in order to find new solutions for patient centric therapies. The companies hope that this will benefit both customers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry more broadly.

Nanoform and Aprecia are particularly well suited to one another for several reasons. Together the companies have the opportunity to change the way medications are manufactured, thanks to 3D printing technology. Chris Gilmore, CEO of Aprecia explains, “Aprecia’s proprietary 3DP technology platforms are focused on providing solutions to our partner’s toughest formulation challenges that can’t be achieved through conventional manufacturing technologies. The opportunity to join forces with Nanoform will enable new fast acting and high performance buccal and oral dosage forms not previously seen in the industry.”

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Photo credit: Nanoform

Aprecia is renowned in the pharmaceutical industry for achieving the first and only FDA-approved three-dimensionally-printed pharmaceutical product approval in 2015 as well as its proprietary ZipDose technology. Meanwhile Nanoform are focussed on reducing clinical attrition and on enhancing drug molecules’ performance through its nanoforming technologies and formulation services. To begin with, the pair will combine Nanoform ‘s fast dissolution nanoformed particles with Aprecia‘s Zipdose technology for rapid disintegration to enable high performance buccal and oral delivery of medicines to patients where rapid absorption is essential. 

In an endeavor to develop patient centric advances, Aprecia and Nanofabrica also hope to create lower dosage products, less excipient content, and reduced pill burden. Professor Edward Hæggström, CEO of Nanoform commented on this focus, “At the heart of everything we do is the patient. This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the power of small for rapid drug absorption, potentially bypassing the first-pass metabolism via a novel dosage form such as buccal delivery with Aprecia’s 3DP technology platforms. We look forward to this exciting collaboration and to supporting our pharmaceutical partners with this unique offering for fast acting and quick dissolving nanomedicines”.

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*Cover picture credit: Nanoform

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