AM Efficiency on the Critical Importance of Post-Processing for Powder-Based 3D Printing

Published on May 8, 2024 by Madeleine P.
AM Efficiency is a leader in post-processing

We all know the steps of 3D printing: design, slicing, 3D printing and then? Although it is a critical stage, the last step, post-processing, or all the different processes and methods that are used after the printing of a part to optimize a part and ensure it works properly, is far less discussed than the others. But if additive manufacturing is going to continue to industrialize, and powder-based processes especially continue to be important, post-processing must no longer be ignored. Enter AM Efficiency. The Swedish brand has dedicated itself to make easy-to-use, all-in-one solutions that are automating and simplifying post-processing. We spoke with the new CEO, Casper Rósen, to learn more about the company, its solutions and what is often ignored when it comes to post-processing.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself and your connection to 3D printing?

My name is Casper Rosén, I am the new CEO of AM Efficiency. Since my time as a co-founder of a 3D/AM value adding reselling company more than +12 years ago, I have been astonished and totally convinced about the potential within AM and 3D printing. In my career, I have worked with all types of technologies from FDM to MJF and between and know the capabilities and possibilities but also the challenges each technique can bring.

AM Efficiency

Casper Rosén, the new CEO, of AM Efficiency

I have been fortunate to be a part of successful AM stories many times. This is when people and companies manage to find the right solution for their needs and develop their cases or products and explore new ideas to success. It does not really matter if it’s a small and simple part or a large-scale advanced project, it gives you a boost and inspiration each time. And this has continued to drive my love of these technologies.

3DN: How did AM Efficiency come about?

When you think of powder-based additive manufacturing, a considerably large part of these processes includes the post-processing of the parts. However, this work is often underestimated in terms of labor, time, cost, quality, ergonomics etc. As such, it stands without saying that if you can perform this process more efficiently and faster, at a high quality and at a lower cost, you can make these technologies much more competitive. This is where AM Efficiency comes in.

When the company started, we already had all the know-how about AM, design for AM and the AM market available in-house (including extensive knowledge of different SLS brands and HP MJF), this made the step towards designing and building our own product not just possible but almost necessary to take. To achieve repeatability in your production, it is key to have an automated process. That is how AM Efficiency was born.

Ulf Qviberg, CTO and Founder of AM Efficiency with one of the company’s post-processing solutions

The mission for AM Efficiency is to deliver high quality automated products for post-processing of 3D printed parts to move AM forward faster. Our products are built for AM with the aim of giving repeatability of parts at a reasonable cost. Everyone in the company is dedicated to AM and we have gathered a very high level of knowledge and experience in 3D printing and combined technologies.

3DN: What is often ignored when it comes to post-processing?

There are many things often ignored when it comes to post-processing of 3D printed parts. My personal experience is that this topic is something 3D printer manufacturers often avoid talking about too much. This is because in most cases, post-processing, though it is time-consuming work, has a huge impact on the ready part.

AM Efficiency’s solutions are easy-to-use and make post-processing automated and simple

As much as 30 percent of the total cost of a part can be related to the post-processing. When this work is performed manually, it will increase the risk of getting non-consistent quality of your parts. The manual work has a lot of ergonomic and environmental factors to consider and it can even be harmful if you don’t consider this properly.

3DN: What needs is AM Efficiency filling on the market?

Our focus is to develop equipment relevant to the market. From our perspective, there is a gap from where the AM market is today and where it could have been. We believe that one of the reasons are related to the fact that the post-processing has not really been handled seriously or at least been underestimated in terms of time, cost, quality etc. We also believe that the result of this is mirrored in unnecessary high pricing of parts, which are at a lower-than-expected quality level. This holds back the entire 3D printing market.

Effective post-processing ensures that the resulting 3D printed parts are high quality, seen here with the parts from AM Efficiency

In our daily work we design, print and post-process our parts which almost automatically give us the best testbed for our products and needs in the process. We use AM where AM should be used and that is what we want to share with our customers.

3DN: As the new CEO, what are your plans for the company?

As a new CEO of AM Efficiency, I intend to continue the journey that the founder Ulf Qviberg started. As Ulf is still working as CTO in the company, we have a strong foundation to keep building on.  Our goal is of course to grow and we will focus on finding new markets and partners to make this happen.

We will continue our work to develop new products but also improve solutions in our existing portfolio. We have a clear roadmap of several launches ahead and we have a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. We are ready to be the natural partner of anyone who needs post-processing solutions for powder-based processes!

We will soon launch a new machine and during this year we hope to present an even larger product portfolio. We also expect to enter market regions where we are not represented today.

3DN: Any last words for our readers?

The AM world is evolving, we are quite far from the point where everything is invented and developed.  When you enter the AM world it’s easy to think that everything is set, but I believe we are still in the beginning. But just in the last few years the steps taken in post-processing have been quite long and it’s very exciting to be part of shaping the AM world by better solutions. The AM world deserves to grow and we are part of making it happen. If you want to keep up, be sure to learn more about us and get in touch HERE.

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