World’s Largest 3D Printed Structure in the Spotlight at Super Bowl LVIII

Published on February 9, 2024 by Isaac B.
The largest 3D printed structure, the Al Davis Memorial Torch, will be present at the Superbowl this year

Super Bowl Sunday is quickly coming up! This Sunday, the Chiefs vs. 49ers showdown will kick off at the Allegiant Stadium for Super Bowl LVIII, and, in an event characterized by hype due to factors like the romance between Travis Kelce (a tight end for the Chiefs) and Taylor Swift, and Usher’s upcoming performance, it would be understandable if you had missed the fact that 3D printing will have its own role to play! The world’s largest freestanding, 3D printed structure, made in honor of the late Al Davis, the long-time franchise owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, is on display in the stadium. This incredible torch is set to symbolize the convergence of sports, technology, and remembrance and can be expected to captivate the attention of millions nationwide as they gather to watch the final game of the season.

But what exactly is this 3D printed structure? Crafted by the design, build, and tech firm Dimensional Innovations, this monumental tribute, known as the Al Davis Memorial Torch, is not only a testament to Davis’s legacy but also a marvel of modern engineering and additive manufacturing. Standing at an impressive 93 feet or nine stories tall, the Al Davis Memorial Torch constitutes the world’s tallest 3D printed structure, by both volume and height. Weighing over 40 tons, nearly 50,000 hours went into its design and construction.

A close up of the flame of the Al Davis Memorial Torch, the world’s largest 3D printed structure which will be present at the Super Bowl this weekend (photo credits: Las Vegas Raiders)

The torch is composed of 226 3D printed blocks, each meticulously crafted from carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate composite. These blocks, weighing approximately 350 pounds each, were printed using one of only three Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) machines available in the United States, which Dimensional Innovations acquired in 2019 to begin construction.

Given the challenges posed by other fabrication techniques in accurately reproducing the torch’s complex shape, LSAM was the natural choice to complete this ambitious project. Renowned for its precision in handling large-scale 3D printing jobs, the printer was quickly deemed a necessity for creating the memorial. Over two years, the LSAM printer produced two blocks daily, totaling the 226 needed for completion. These blocks were then processed and finished for integration into the memorial. In the end, over 100,000 lbs of raw material were reportedly used in the memorial’s creation.

The Al Davis Memorial Torch shows the intersection between 3D technologies and sports (Photo Credits: Dimensional Innovations)

Dimensional Innovations Sports Practice Director Justin Wood further explained, “Our company had never met a project of this scale or complexity. In fact, nobody had. Our team worked relentlessly to develop, print, fabricate, test and install the memorial torch to ensure it conveys the symbolic flame that burns brightest in the Raiders organization. We couldn’t be more excited for fans to experience this marvel from up close and afar during ‘the Big Game’.” 

In any case, whoever wins, the Chiefs or the 49ers, in Super Bowl LVIII, it is safe to say that 3D printing will make its impact in the game this year. You can learn more about the structure on the Raiders’ website HERE .

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*Cover Photo Credits: Dimensional Innovations

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