A Customizable Concept Car Made With 3D Printing

Published on January 15, 2024 by Madeleine P.
Concept Car customized with 3D printing

At the Japan Mobility Show held at the end of last year, carmaker Daihatsu Motor Co presented several new vehicles. One of these was a concept car called me:MO, featuring several 3D-printed parts. The small electric car is said to be fully customizable, both inside and out, allowing future users to have a car that looks and feels just like them. Although few details have been provided by the Japanese manufacturer, the fact remains that this prototype reflects the full benefits of additive manufacturing in the automotive sector.

A subsidiary of Toyota, Daihatsu Motor Co has set itself the goal of “Staying Close to Our Customers and Enriching Their Lives.” This includes more compact concept cars that respond to people’s concerns, namely respect for the environment and greater mobility. At the end of November, the company presented me:MO, a mini electric car with a 100% customized battery. It uses 3D technologies to manufacture certain parts, giving the driver a choice.

The electric concept car can be customized using 3D printing

The manufacturer explains: “We changed the way cars were manufactured and made it possible to change not only the design but also the form of the vehicle by constructing a modular structure of interior and exterior parts with necessary and sufficient functionality. This enabled us to realize a sustainable car that can be used for a long time in response to changes in the customer’s stage of life and usage.”

As previously mentioned, it is not known which 3D printing process was preferred, or which material was used. It is assumed that large-format fused deposition was chosen, as the technology enables large parts to be produced in a variety of thermoplastics and colors. In any case, the focus is on hyper-customization, and this is indeed a determining factor for more and more motorists today. Me:MO is 3 meters long and can therefore incorporate 3D-printed decorations, on its body for example, but also in the passenger compartment.

Inside me:MO

It remains to be seen whether this concept car will remain at this conceptual stage, or whether the Japanese manufacturer will release a viable commercial model. We’ll keep you posted! In the meantime, you can find out more HERE.

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*All Photo Credits: Daihatsu Motor Co

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