A 3D Printed Robot Equipped With GPT-5 to Lead Meta

Published on April 1, 2023 by Madeleine P.
3D printed robot at the head of Meta

Recently renamed Meta, Facebook is one of the undisputed giants of emerging technologies, whether in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence or even additive manufacturing. Indeed, the group is progressively advancing in this market, slowly but surely. Notably, the American giant already announced the acquisition of Luxexcel a few months ago. This time, Meta has decided to combine all this expertise to announce a new and somewhat… surprising project. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the former Facebook, declared in an official press release that the company has 3D printed a robot equipped with OpenAI’s GPT-5 to sit on the board of directors and support it in its strategic decisions. The objective is to test the relevance of such a humanoid: if the project proves successful and the robot manages to improve Meta’s financial performance, the group might seriously consider replacing certain positions with this type of robot. This could lead to savings in terms of recruitment, training and greater efficiency. Science fiction or reality, one thing is sure, Mark Zuckerberg seems more determined than ever to bring together new technologies and managerial performance.

It is news that could send shivers down anyone’s spine, and we certainly are not unaffected by this announcement as it raises more questions than it answers to say the least. For example, will we soon have to collaborate with robots endowed with a form of human intelligence superior to ours? This debate has been ramping up for a number of years now, centering especially on whether we could be replaced by machines at some point in the future. In any case, this is the direction that the Meta group is starting to take, perhaps distressed by the negative financial results it has had for the past several years. By combining artificial intelligence – and moreover the latest GPT-5 system – and additive manufacturing, it hopes to find a solution that could reduce some of its costs and solve its challenges quickly and efficiently. So it has announced the creation of a 3D-printed robot equipped with the latest iteration of OpenAI’s artificial intelligence, despite an open letter written on March 29 that warned of the dangers of such intelligence. Mike Catfish, Director of Technical Operations at Meta, commented, “We believe that the GPT-5 system can truly revolutionize the way we do business today and despite the misgivings expressed by some, we are continuing our developments with OpenAI and are confident of the positive impact our robot will be able to have.”

Mark Zuckerberg is participating in the 3D printed robot project

A Robot Endowed With Human Intelligence

To make this robot, Meta opted for 3D printing, a method that allowed it to test several iterations at a lower cost and, above all, to allow for a robot that is as customizable and as realistic as possible. The robot’s body was manufactured by CNC machining and covered with a fully 3D printed shell, reinforced with carbon fiber to make it as strong and light as possible. The shell was then dyed white. Meta explains that it used an extrusion process, though they did not specify which machine was used.

In just a few days, the teams were able to test an initial prototype and quickly move forward with the project. Susan Jester, Recruitment Manager at Meta, explains: “Integrating robots into the company could solve some of the challenges we face in terms of recruitment. The job market is getting tighter and tighter and it’s hard to find the right skills at the right time. We wouldn’t have this problem with such robots because we could program them for the job. They would already be trained and could work more efficiently. Imagine, on top of that, this is free labor!”

GPT-5 is an artificial intelligence capable of thinking like a human (photo credits: Adobe)

The GPT-5 system will give the robot the ability to analyze and take control of situations that Meta employees currently manage. Thus, the company claims that the machine could replace humans, and in a more distant future, accompany Mark Zuckerberg in managing the company.

It is difficult to know how the robot will behave, but apparently it will have a 6-month test period after which its performance will be evaluated. There are already rumors that this type of robot could even be the CEO of Meta in the future. We will keep you posted on this somewhat alarming situation for the job market.

At 3Dnatives, we are big fans of April Fools’ Day! So this article was just a little joke for the occasion. As far as we know, Meta will not be putting a 3D printed robot in its Board of Directors.

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  1. veznan says:

    April Fool!

  2. Zuhair says:

    Hahhh… It was so convince taking in consideration the advancement happining in technology world and the greed of tech giant corporations.

    1. Miki says:

      Yeah agree 😀

  3. Abhay Avasthi says:

    Taken in by that, of course ! But given that explosive changes have been happening over which even creators seem to have limited control the Fools might prove to be Wise Men !

  4. Timothy says:

    What an interesting piece, April Fool could come April Reality.

  5. Mike says:

    Too believable. Robot Zuckerberg will undoubtedly make himself a robot friend at some point.

  6. Biliard says:

    Wow! This got me.. lmao

  7. SYSOP says:

    Meta uses LLaMMa not GPT, that subtle difference has more implications than the rest of this hypothetical article…

  8. Carlos Mutsky says:

    Harbinger or Joke…There is much truth in jest. Fun read 😊.

  9. Frank says:

    Feels like Meta has been using bots for a longtime already to disable people’s business pages for absolutely no reason at all.

    Their support reps also speak like bots. All of them say the same unhelpful things like they’re reading from the same script.

  10. Rocky says:

    Hahaha. It got me for real! Lol.

    On other note though, this could prove to be a real thing if not in meta then somewhere else 😉

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