3ntr Introduces Sequoia, the Large-Format Hot Chamber 3D Printer for Unprecedented Dimensional Freedom

Published on November 23, 2022 by Madeleine P.
Sequoia 3ntr

3ntr, Italian company known for its industrial 3D printing solutions, has unveiled its latest machine, Sequoia, the first of the V5 series. First announced at Mecspe 2022 earlier this year, Sequoia stands out not only for its large-format 3D printing capabilities, but also for the fact that it offers perfect print temperatures for the extrusion of technopolymers, such as TPU, carbon fiber and materials filled or certified for medical use and external human contact. This means that, in addition to traditional offerings, users will have access to both simple polymers and technopolymers, including in co-printing mode, whether for the production of large monolithic parts or the mass printing of many identical elements.

This additive machine is based on years of innovation from 3ntr. The company, which has been advancing in the 3D printing industry for the past 10 years, represents Italian excellence in additive manufacturing. The company already has a number of highly accurate and reliable FFF solutions, as well as its own software and materials along with an ever-growing list of applications. Sequoia is the culmination of this vast experience and includes the most appreciated features of its predecessors, such as 24/7 operation, but also new and exciting characteristics.

Sequoia is one of the largest industrial FDM 3D printers (photo credits: 3ntr)

Commenting on the Sequoia 3D Printer, 3ntr CEO Davide Ardizzoia, stated, “Let’s remember that 3D printing is no longer just a prototyping technology, today additive manufacturing is increasingly used in production processes, not only to cut time and costs but above all to optimize consumption and ensure increasingly environmentally friendly products. We at 3ntr choose to contribute to the revolution through a Thinking Additive approach, which allows us to accompany companies towards an uncompromising additive and design revolution, together with our best historical technologies and interesting novelties: 3D printers capable of supporting all phases of the production cycle, from prototyping to engineering, from pre-assembly to the production of the final operative part, from now on also in extra large format”.

What to Expect From Sequoia

Of course, one of the biggest attractions of Sequoia is evident from the outset. It is truly a large format machine with a build volume of 1200 x 1100 x 900 mm, meaning over 1 square meter of print area: the largest of all 3ntr’s printers and one of the largest on the market. This allows users to create both large monolithic parts and numerous smaller parts in one machine and through one workflow. Thus, bypassing additional steps such as assembly or long waiting times. But the main selling point is that, even in large format, users can expect the same high quality, reliability and versatility of all 3ntr’s additive solutions.

However, this is not the only advantage. The printer also has a hot chamber that has numerous applications for printing various polymers. The company points out that thanks to a hot chamber that reaches 200°C, with rapid heating and low consumption, and a removable heated tray, the printer is compatible with both standard and technical polymers. Moreover, users can print a single polymer or use a co-printing process that allows multiple materials to be printed, even those with different aesthetic and mechanical characteristics, combining complementary solutions such as TPU, carbon fiber, nylon and more.

Caption: Sequoia next to other solutions from 3ntr (photo credits: 3ntr)

In addition, the printer has a number of interesting features for industrial 3D printing. These include automatic z-calibration, platter leveling and extruder leveling, which make the printer particularly easy to use. Furthermore, it is equipped with brushless motorization and is belt-less, with micrometric precision. The finishing touch is provided by the 19.5″ touchscreen and 500 Gb of memory.

Together, these features serve to fulfill 3ntr’s promise to give users maximum freedom of control. In particular, the company claims that this 3D printer has a dimensional freedom never before seen in the AM sector. You can learn more about 3ntr’s Sequoia 3D printer HERE.

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*Cover Photo Credits: 3ntr

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