3E Metal Deposition: Meltio’s new metal technology comes to Formnext

Published on November 14, 2019 by Carlota V.
3E Metal Deposition

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Meltio, the new actor in metal additive fabrication, who will showcase its new 3E Metal Deposition technology and M450 3D printer during the new edition of Formnext. The difference between Meltio’s 3D printing technology and the existing ones on the market is that it is able to benefit from powder bed technologies and material extrusion technologies, as its technology can be considered a mix of both.

More and more companies are betting on metal additive manufacturing, and are turning to 3D printing to find solutions for mass customisation and industrial production. For this reason, the Meltio team has decided to develop a technology that, in addition to being innovative for the industry, also expands the possibilities of 3D printing by integrating it with other manufacturing systems, such as CNC, gantry systems or robots. According to the manufacturer, its solution offers a price reduction between 50% and 75%, pushing for the wider adoption of metal 3D printing across sectors.

3E Metal Deposition

Meltio’s metal 3D printing technology: 3E Metal Deposition | Credits: Meltio

How does 3E Metal Deposition technology work?

3E Metal Deposition Technology, seeks to deliver on three key concepts: Easy, Efficient and Expandable. The heart of this new technology is the 3D printing head, which is capable of 3D printing with metal wire – it uses 100% of the material in a clean and safe way. In addition, it can manufacture parts with metal powders too, or even combine both types of materials in the same piece, without the need to change the nozzle. Resulting in metal parts with high-density and efficient.

3E Metal Deposition

The 3D printing head is the core of Meltio’s technology | Credits: Meltio

This technology uses a multiple laser head, which has a capacity of 0.6 to 6kW, and a compact format of 150 x 150 x 265 mm. It features three independent laser diodes, something that customers could expand depending on their needs, adding more power to the machine. The printer has an Argon chamber, a gas used in metal welding, which makes the parts more cohesive. On the other hand, the change of materials is automatic, only taking a few seconds, minimizing the risk of contamination of the parts, something that can actually happen with powder bed fusion technology when changing the manufacturing material.

The ease with which 3E Metal Deposition technology can change materials also makes it possible to manufacture parts with metal alloys, which is difficult to achieve with traditional methods. The duality of the technology also allows applications such as repairing of existing parts, coating, welding (autogenous or filled), curing, texturing and polishing parts.

3E Metal Deposition can work with metal wires and metal powders | Credits: Meltio

A technology that could drive the adoption of metal 3D printing

The technology developed by Meltio will allow many companies to adopt metal 3D printing. In addition to reducing the price of the technology approximately 10 times in comparison with other well-known techniques. The new Meltio printer will be able to integrate modules to expand its capabilities, so-called Meltio Engine. Companies will be able to add capabilities to the machine by developing hybrid systems capable of integrating CNC machining, robots or gantry, the latter for moving large parts.

Meltio offers a modular system with which you can create a hybrid system | Credits: Meltio

Meltio’s new technology is supported by ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel producer, which has also participated in the creation of the brand since its inception as a strategic partner. Meltio’s complete product portfolio, including its M450 metal printer and Meltio Engine modules, can be seen in a few days at Formnext in booth C111, room 12.1. Visit the Meltio website to learn more about this new brand.

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