#3DExpress: ICON Unveils 3D Printer to Make Multistory Buildings

Published on March 16, 2024 by Madeleine P.
Multistory 3D printed buildings ICON

This week in our 3DExpress, we take a look at ICON, a company that has developed a new concrete 3D printer to quickly and easily enable the construction of multistory structures. Called Phoenix, it measures over 20 meters and can reach even greater heights. We also take a look at new releases, including Farsoon’s new eight-laser solution and Meltio, which has announced the arrival of a new metal 3D printer. We then move on to partnerships, acquisitions and strategies with DyeMansion, HP, as well as Nexa3D and 3D-Fuel. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

ICON’s 3D Concrete Printer Creates Multistory Closed Structures

ICON this week unveiled a new concrete 3D printer capable of creating fully enclosed multistory structures from a low-carbon mix. Unveiled at SXSW in Austin, the Phoenix is a 20-meter-high 3D printer using a robotic arm and crane system capable of creating multi-story buildings. Thanks to technology developed by ICON, this machine can build multistory structures on a single site, with only minor adjustments to the configuration, and only a few people are needed on site to monitor progress. “The life cycle assessment results of the white paper show that the embodied and operational impacts of 3D-printed homes are lower than stick-framed construction,” concludes the ICON team.

Farsoon Unveils an Eight-Laser 3D printer

Chinese manufacturer Farsoon is renowned in the additive manufacturing market for its industrial solutions, and more specifically for its metal machines. Farsoon has developed a range of eight models, offering different volumes and, above all, different numbers of lasers. Its latest machine, the FS721M-8-CAMS, includes eight lasers to boost productivity. The FS721M solution was first presented in 2021, and since then, the machine has been adopted by many manufacturers. But the Chinese manufacturer has gone one step further, integrating the CAMS concept for Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution into the platform. The aim is to harness more laser power to boost productivity, but also to reduce costs and increase automation.

The new eight-laser solution (phto credits: Farsoon)

Nexa3D Continues to Grow 

The American manufacturer of 3D printing solutions has just announced a new acquisition, a few months after completing that of Essentium. This time, the company has acquired 3D-Fuel. An American manufacturer of printing filaments, the company offers 18 ranges of materials and 40 different colors, with a focus on more durable plastics. Its CEO, John Schneider, says: “Rest assured that our dedication to high-quality products and exceptional service remains strong. Nexa3D’s resources and expertise will complement 3D-Fuel’s strengths, allowing us to expand our product offerings, improve operational efficiency, and invest in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. For instance – you’ll now have access to Nexa3D’s validated resin, metals, and thermoplastic materials.”

DyeMansion and HP intensify strategic partnership

DyeMansion is considered the leading supplier of post-processing solutions for polymer 3D printing, particularly at industrial level. For some years now, DyeMansion has been working closely with printer manufacturers, including HP. This partnership already dates back to 2020, and this year the two companies intend to intensify it and work together on high-quality, scalable and environmentally-friendly solutions for additive manufacturing. This project begins with in-depth market analyses, leading to end-to-end solutions for the user, which are then seamlessly integrated into his or her manufacturing process. The partners will also be presenting themselves together at industry events, including Formnext, Rapid TCT, etc., and making their strategic partnership visible. According to François Minec, Global Head of 3D Polymers at HP, the aim of this intensification is “to set new standards in the production of 3D printed parts”.

Photo Credits: DyeMansion 

M600, the New Metal 3D Printer From Meltio

Spanish company Meltio has just announced the launch of its most powerful metal 3D printer to date, the M600. Manufactured 100% in its Linares factory, the M600 enables simple, reliable creation of metal parts, continually adapting to the needs of industrial production. Compatible with titanium, copper and aluminum alloys, among others, this machine combines wire deposition, blue laser, a generous inert workspace and intelligent sensors to ensure the additive manufacture of high-quality parts. The Meltio team explains, “The M600 integrates perfectly into machine shops and production environments, enabling not only the printing of complete parts, but also the addition of features to existing components and the repair of damaged surfaces.” As a result, the company has expanded its Linares site to increase production and staff numbers.

Photo Credits: Meltio

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