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Published on December 20, 2018 by Michelle J.
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Throughout every year, we present you with the monthly new, innovative #3DStartup and learned more about their exciting applications. Whether it is software or hardware, the applications were in sports or construction it is all interesting. Regardless of the general use of applications in different sectors we cover it. Thus giving us a large variety of startups that emerge from the new technology. Last week, we presented you the last startup for 2018. As the year comes to an end, we would like to take a look back at all the new companies and give you a brief overview of our twelve #3DStartups of 2018. And most importantly, don’t forget to vote for your favourite 3D startup HERE !

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#3DStartups of 2018: January / 3D MicroPrint

A cooperation between EOS GmbH and the 3D-Micromac AG resulted in 2013 in the startup 3D MicroPrint, which developed a new printing process. This process to ensure an even finer resolution of prints. Within the “Microlaser Sintering (MLS)”, additive manufacturing is combined with laser micromachining on an industrial level. The process of the company is similar to the powder bed process. The biggest difference relates above all to the powder particle size, which is significantly smaller than the conventional one! We had the chance to talk to XYZ from MicroPrint and learn more about the company and its new technology.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: February / Fabric8Labs

The founders of Fabric8Labs were already interested in 3D printing before they got into the business. However the technology available at the time was too expensive for them, which is why they took their own approach. Within their metal pressure, which combines the electrode disposition and the stereolithography, should be positioned atom by atom, which leads to a much better quality. The potential scope of Fabric8Labs’ 3D technology has a wide span, from medicine, aerospace, to the communications industry.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: March / Apis Cor

Within only 24 hours the startup Apis Cor printed a complete house, a true revolution at the time! To achieve this, the Russian company developed a mobile machine with a detachable robot arm that can extrude concrete. The production takes place directly on the construction site, so that on a surface of 132m2 all walls can be printed on site. On the one hand, this new technology aims to minimise manual work, as well as to automate time and building material and the entire process. Overall, the startup states, 25-24% of the construction costs are saved.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: April / Relativity Space

3D printing has for a couple of years now been involved in space travel. It was in this industry that the Startup Relativity Space took advantage of the new technology. They developed a method to create entire rockets in just 60 days. A production method, which could possibly start in just a few years. The founders call it the “Stargate Process”, a process that produces complex rockets much cost effective and faster. In addition, the process with approximately 1,000 parts requires significantly fewer objects than the traditional manufacturing process with approximately 100,000 parts. However, the American company is still not at that stage yet, the last steps are still missing.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: May / Identify3D

Within additive manufacturing, the issue of intellectual property protection is very vibrant. Especially when it comes to the medicine and aerospace industry. There are yet to be any legal regulations on the area. This is where the startup Identify3D comes into play. The young California company developed a 3D software for the privacy of 3D models. It offers an end-to-end solution, from the CAD model to manufacturing, integrating data protection, repeatability and traceability. The company’s goal is the protection of data, the reduction of production fluctuations and the provision of traceability.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: June / Vader Systems

To help companies find additive metal processing technology that meets their needs, the startup Vader Systems, developed a new technology; the MagnetoJet ™. The American company works closely with its customers to understand their individual applications and to find a tailored solution accordingly. In general, the technology uses the control and precision of an electromagnetic field to drive liquefied metal droplets and produce high-integrity, high-density objects faster and at lower cost. The result can easily be seen: Accuracies in the micrometer range and at double the speed.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of the year: July / Cubicure

This young company has already won innovation awards with its development of high performance polymers for industrial additive manufacturing and became our startup of the month in July. We are of course talking about Cubicure. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology and is dedicated to research in thermoplastic materials. The aim of the This Austrian company was to combine high strength accuracy and surface quality with good thermo-mechanical properties. They achieved this through their newly developed polymers, which can be used with their self-developed printing process; the “hot lithography” process. This specially developed and patented heating and coating mechanism processes highly viscous resins and is already available in the specially designed Caligma 200 3D printer.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: August / Tailored Fits

The Swiss company Tailored Fits worked on a digital solution for additive, industrial manufacturing in the sporting goods world. Their innovation is based on 3D scanning and 3D printing, creating custom and anatomically correct fits for sports shoes, protective equipment and more. This is to support the natural movement and possible pressure points and to prevent pain. First, it captures the customer’s body data using 3D scanning, then integrates the biometric data into a perfectly matched product, allowing the end product to deliver optimum fit and performance.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: September / AMendate

The German startup AMendate is focusing on the software within 3D technology, which is supposed to create 3D print objects almost fully automatically. With its topology optimization software, the company focuses on speed and simplicity for the user. This is to obtain a fast and optimised generation of complex structures without complex, manual effort, which are optimally adapted to the loads with a reduced use of materials. The core element of the software is the automatic interpretation, as well as the subsequent transfer into common CAD formats.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: October / BIOLIFE4D

One of the biggest problems of modern medicine is the still far too long list of people waiting for a donor organ. BIOLIFE4D works on a possible solution to this with the help of the bio-pressure. The young company has already identified short-term opportunities and, as a result, launched their pacemaker to the market. The long-term goal is the 3D printing of a transplantable heart. These are built from top to bottom, as in normal 3D printing, but not fused with heat. Instead, a scaffold holds the cells in place until it organically assembles itself. With their technology, they want to create viable organs for transplantation, as well as for the testing of medicines and thus save both human and animal life.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: November / Virtual Foundry

The Virtual Foundry is an American startup that promotes 3D metal printing by making its own filaments. The company started with their first Filamet ™ line and they are constantly developing new materials and researching new methods of material production. The special feature of the Filamet ™ line is that they contain only 80% metal and are compatible with any FDM printer. The metal powder is enclosed with PLA binder so no respirator or special handling equipment is needed. The company already offers numerous filaments and works with its customers on specific solutions from almost any material.

Startups of the year 2018

#3DStartups of 2018: December / Yuyo

The French company Yuyo is dedicated to solving the paradox of surfing, and turned to 3D printing to do so. The paradox is that the surfers, who have a close affinity to nature and their natural environment through sport, use surfboards that are anything but environmentally friendly in their manufacture. There is a lot of waste, they are not recyclable and generally toxic to the marine environment. For this purpose, the young company now wants to offer locally produced boards. These will become significantly more environmentally friendly with the help of additive manufacturing. Not only will is cut the amount of waste, the material will also be largely recyclable. The boards will reach a maximum height of 2.40 m and a width of 64 cm with production time of between 30 to 40 hours.

Startups of the year 2018

As you can see there has been a wide range of #3DStartups of 2018. Give us your opinion of which one is the #3Dstartup of the year by leaving your vote in the #3DStartup of 2018 poll.

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