Top 5 Videos: Manufacturing Scooters & Recreus’ New Purifier Filament

Published on October 10, 2021 by Mikahila L.

Did you know that the manufacture of skates and scooters is not what it used to be? Advances in new manufacturing technologies have reimagined the way these modes of transportation are produced. And that’s what we’ll see in the weekly video compilation! In addition to this, we will get to know two new launches to the AM industry — the Purifier filament from Recreus and the cloud-based software from BCN3D. Afterward, we will see how to cut costs and production times thanks to 3D printing, and finally, we will discover the future of this technology in space. Are you going to miss it?

Top 1: How is Scooter Manufacturing Changing?

The IMH of Elgoibar launched the Young Manufacturing Leaders (YML) project. The YML aims to explain and familiarize young people with the possibilities of new production technologies. This video explains the scooter manufacturing project and illustrates how production methods have changed. Today, additive manufacturing can be used as a tool in a number of ways in the production process. In the example, we can see how IMH uses Ultimaker devices to create various parts of the skate. We let you discover all the details below!

Top 2: Recreus’ New Purifier Filament

The Spanish company Recreus, dedicated to the development of filaments for 3D printing, has just launched a new range of materials called Purifier. Specifically, it is made up of two new filaments, the Filaflex Purifier and the PLA Purifier. The interesting thing about these materials is that they have the latest technology in gas mineralization, which adheres to the surface of 3D-printed parts. Thus, they become environmentally friendly mineral particles, thanks to catalysis and photocatalysis processes. Thus, Recreus wants to continue working to manufacture and develop each purifier filament, which, in addition to creating all kinds of parts, also help the environment.

Top 3: BCN3D Launches Cloud Platform

The Spanish company BCN3D has just announced the launch of its cloud-based control software to connect 3D printers in real-time and remotely. This new solution consists of a powerful control panel to manage several 3D printers in real-time and stay informed about their operation in a precise moment. The system is ideal for companies in the sector to organize their team members and assign individual responsibilities for managing files, printers, queues, and data, as well as to establish a simplified and systematic workflow.

Top 4: Making Tools Quickly & Economically

For the production of molding tools, companies with traditional manufacturing processes not only have to invest a lot of money, but the production of the tools also takes a long time. Thanks to 3D printing and the use of thermoplastics for FDM technology, 3D printed molding tools can be manufactured in just one week. From tool design to production. Many parts can also be created in less than 24 hours without the need for labor. Find out more about how to save manufacturing time and costs here.

Top 5: The Future of 3D Printing on the Moon

3D printing is aiming higher and higher, and we will soon see it on other planets as well. The LUYTEN company wanted to explain the potential of additive manufacturing with this video. The so-called ‘Meeka Project’ focuses on the development of a 3D printer for space that is light enough and at the same time robust to build new structures on the surface of the moon. Building on another planet using lunar regolith is undoubtedly a challenge for which a special method is required. In the future, the building will be built with rovers and the Platypus Galacticus 3D printer. Do not miss the details!

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