The Personalities Who Shaped The Additive Manufacturing Market In 2022

Published on December 28, 2022 by Claire S.

2022 was an important year for the world of additive manufacturing. However, due to many uncertainties resulting from the health crisis of recent years as well as economic consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine, it was also a challenging one for the industry. Yet many of the industry’s leading companies and personalities have set a great example for resilience. Indeed, there has been no shortage of innovation and valuable projects using 3D technologies, but who exactly is behind it all? Which professionals stood out more than others this year, driving market development? Let’s get to know them together, here we present our ten 3D printing personalities for 2022!

Sophie Brac de la Perrière, CEO & Co-founder of Healshape

Sophie Brac de la Perrière is the CEO of Healshape, a French startup that has developed a regenerative medicine project aiming to produce bioprinted breast implants for women who have undergone a mastectomy following breast cancer. Healshape’s prostheses are 3D printed with a hydrogel that uses natural and biomimetic materials, allowing the breast to regenerate using the patient’s own cells, thus guaranteeing the safety of the graft. Prior to founding Healshape, Sophie Brac de la Perrière had 16 years of experience at Sanofi, one of France’s largest pharmaceutical companies, mainly in development and business management roles, helping to inform her work at the company. The startup raised €6 million in funding this year and won our ADDITIV Awards for the medical sector as 3D Startup of the Year 2022.

Sophie Brac de la Perrière was awarded at the ADDITIV Awards 2022, a 3Dnatives event to recognize innovation in the medical 3D printing sector (photo credits: 3Dnatives)

Avi Cohen, Vice President Global Sales at Massivit 3D

Massivit 3D is a manufacturer of large format 3D printers, with offices in Israel, North America and Belgium. This year, we are including the company and Avi Cohen among the industry’s most influential 3D printing personalities in 2022 due to the development of the Cast In Motion (CIM) technology, first introduced at Formext 2022 with its Massivit 10000 solution. This technology enables the automated production of isotropic molds and tooling for faster production of composites. Massivit 3D wanted to provide a solution that could accelerate mold production by 80%, reducing lead times from weeks to days. Avi Cohen, Massivit 3D’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, brought a wealth of experience to the table. His experience in the additive manufacturing industry spans more than 20 years, beginning in 1999 when he joined Stratasys as director of sales and marketing for the healthcare industry. After 5 years as VP at XJet Ltd, and 2 years as EVP Sales at Nanofabrica, he joined Massivit 3D in October 2022.

Avi Cohen, Vice President Global Sales at Massivit 3D

Kristin Mulherin, President of Women in 3D Printing

Kristin Mulherin is president of Women in 3D Printing, which was founded in 2014 to promote, support and inspire women in the additive manufacturing field in order to make the industry more inclusive. The association currently has over 23,000 members, with over 100 chapters in 35 different countries. Kirstin has more than seven years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry and served on the WI3DP board in 2020 before becoming president in 2021. She began her career in the 3D printing industry at LPW Carpenter Additive and has also worked for companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dyndrite, HP, and NEXA3D, where she gained experience in various leadership roles. In 2019, she founded AM-Cubed with the goal of helping companies enter the additive manufacturing market or, if they are already in the industry, accelerate their growth.

Kristin Mulherin

Kristin Mulherin, President of Women in 3D Printing

Easton LaChappelle, CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow

One of the defining events of 2022 was undoubtedly the Russian-Ukrainian war. So we decided to include Easton LaChappelle, CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow, for the company’s contribution to helping Ukrainian amputees as a result of the war by providing them with 3D printed prosthetic arms. And this isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Unlimited Tomorrow. Since Easton LaChappelle founded the company in 2014, it has been working to make high-quality, affordable bionic prosthetic arms available to anyone who needs them.


Easton LaChappelle, CEO of Unlimited Tomorrow

Sherri Monroe, Executive Director Of AMGTA

We’ve talked several times this year about AMGTA, the Additive Manufacturing Green Trade Association, which aims to promote the sustainability of additive manufacturing versus traditional production methods. As of 2022, its new executive director is Sherri Monroe. Prior to this position, Sherri Monroe was an independent consultant for companies such as Siemens Energy. She has also served as regional director and executive director of the American Red Cross, as well as director of marketing for the American Cancer Society, to name a few. We interviewed her in our latest Talk3D where she talked about 3D printing and sustainability.

Sherri Monroe

Sherri Monroe, Executive Director of AMGTA

Ramon Pastor, Global Head and General Manager, 3D Metals at HP

2022 is also the year that HP finally unveiled its long-awaited 3D metal printing technology. As such, we wanted to include Ramon Pastor, Global Head and General Manager 3D Metals at HP, in our 3D printing personalities for 2022. Ramon joined HP in 1992 and has been responsible for strategic marketing for the large format printing industry and as well as held various positions in operations, research and development, and marketing. He holds a Master’s Degree in engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, a degree from the IESE Business School and a bachelor’s degree in literature. Ramon Pastor commented on the launch of HP’s Metal Jet technology at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in September, “3D printed metal parts are a driving force for digital transformation, and the new Metal Jet S100 solution provides our customers with a best-in-class metal offering, from initial designs to production, but most importantly, it helps you realize the unlimited potential of digital manufacturing.”

personnalités 3D 2022

Ramon Pastor, Global Head and General Manager, 3D Metals at HP

Shai Terem, CEO of Markforged

Since October 2020, Shai Terem has been the CEO of Markforged after spending a few years at Kornit Digital Ltd and Stratasys. A graduate of Tel Aviv University with a degree in economics and an MBA from the University of Chicago, he is currently at the helm of a company that has made it big in 2022. Markforged entered the binder jetting market by acquiring Digital Metal, a Swedish company that has been a leading player in metal binder jetting since 2003, for $40 million.

shai terem, one of our 3D personalities of the year

Shai Terem, CEO of Markforged

Toshikazu Umatate, CEO of Nikon

Toshikazu Umatate joined Nikon in April 1980 and served in various capacities before becoming its CEO in June 2019. While he is considered one of the major figures in Nikon, he could also become a major figure in the additive manufacturing market. Indeed, this year, Nikon acquired the manufacturer SLM Solutions, known for its metal additive manufacturing machines. The Japanese camera specialist is thus making its official entry into the 3D printing market, a carefully considered strategic step. Toshikazu Umatate explained: “We are focused on digital manufacturing as a growth driver and will create value through the promising market of metal additive manufacturing for our stakeholders. 3D Printing will revolutionize mass-production by enabling our clients to manufacture highly complex parts, reduce cycle time, carbon emissions, energy costs and waste.”

Toshikazu Umatate is one of our 3D personalities of the year

Toshikazu Umatate, CEO of Nikon

Blake Teipel, CEO and Co-Founder of Essentium

Blake Teipel holds a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Texas A&M University and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University. An entrepreneur at heart, he co-founded Essentium Materials in 2013 which has grown into the company we know today. Under Blake Teipel’s leadership, the company has raised $22.2 million and announced plans to go public. A project that is currently on hold, Blake Teipel said, “We appreciate the Atlantic Coastal team’s support and guidance throughout this process, and we are disappointed that market conditions prevented the parties from consummating this agreement. We will continue to leverage the strength of our additive manufacturing technology and product system validated by the Department of Defence to continue to advance additive manufacturing globally.”

Blake Teipel, CEO and Co-founder of Essentium

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine Meat

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit is co-founder and CEO of Redefine Meat. After graduating from Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a law degree and a master’s degree in business administration and gaining professional experience in business and law, he founded Redefine Meat in 2018. It is one of the first startups to use 3D printing to produce non-animal meat with the same look, feel and taste as animal meat. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially in a short period of time. Their meat can already be found in 200 restaurants in Israel and in restaurants in London, Amsterdam and Berlin. The company raised an impressive $135 million in an investment round this year and now has over 150 employees worldwide.

3D personalities of the year 2022

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat

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