Thermoforming companies and manufacturers that utilize thermoformed components are currently under immense competitive pressure to improve production efficiency, minimize waste, and lower expenses. Simultaneously, they are also grappling with a scarcity of skilled labor. Fortunately, additive manufacturing (AM) presents a compelling solution. With AM, companies can access high-performance molds that not only form top-notch parts but also significantly cut down on lead times and labor expenses when compared to conventional mold-making approaches.

In this webinar, titled “Revolutionizing Thermoforming: Unleashing Efficiency to Drastically Reduce Mold Production Time & Costs“, you will learn how to achieve rapid validation by testing shapes and delivering first parts up to 65% faster with 3D printed molds. Haley Stump, Application Engineer Lead for the Titan division of 3D Systems, will show how the company’s thermoforming customers claim to have run thousands of shots of 3D printed molds with virtually no signs of wear or performance degradation. Register now and discover how other companies used our pellet extrusion technology to decrease cost and shorten lead times for large thermoforming molds!

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