Mechanical Engineering Intern

Internship 16 days ago


Composite manufacturing is going through a digitization and automation transition in which 9T Labs is at the forefront. Our all-in-one hardware, software and material solution provides customers a cheap and easy way to design and mass produce ultra-lightweight parts in medical, aerospace, automotive and other markets. We are a diverse, inclusive team that values interpersonal connections, effective communication and continuous learning. We are supportive of flexible working hours and offer a competitive compensation.


  • Hardware development, manufacturing and testing of sub-components of our production systems;
  • Designing of fiber composite parts using 9T Labs’ design software and commercial simulation software;
  • Manufacturing of prototyping and customer parts using 9T Labs’ technology.


  • You are excited about advanced manufacturing technologies and fiber composite materials;
  • You have or are in the process of getting an engineering degree;
  • You are familiar with fiber composite materials and fiber composite production technology;
  • You are familiar with design concepts and CAD software;
  • You are a strong team player and support teammates in making the best decisions;
  • You have a hands-on, pragmatic and constructive mentality.
  • You have hands-on experience in manufacturing fiber composite parts;
  • You have experience with 3D printing technologies.
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