Tinkerine are a Canadian technology company, and manufacturer of a group of 3D printers. Tinkerine was established with the aim to simplify the creative process with powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable tools. Their current range of printers include the DittoPro 3D printer, and Ditto+ and Litto DIY 3D printer kits.

In addition to this range of printers, Tinkerine also sell their own software and filaments. Their software includes Tinkerine Suite, the free program for slicing models before printing. They also sell 20 different colours of their own PLA filaments. Moreover, Tinkerine host Tinkerine U on their site, containing a variety of videos aimed to help educate the masses on 3D printing. These free resources are designed to test and improve knowledge, so watchers can create their own designs and models.

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