SLM Solutions

    Roggenhorster Straße 9c, 23556 Lübeck, Germany

    SLM Solutions, one of the pioneers in the sector of Rapid Manufacturing Systems, headquartered in Lübeck, Northern Germany, serves customers in the fields of Vacuum Casting and Metal Casting and has a multi-decade history and track record of innovation, taking into account its predecessor companies. During the last years, SLM Solutions focused on the selective laser melting technology.

    As a manufacturer of machines for small series parts and prototypes, we focus on the development, production and distribution of our innovative selective laser melting systems. Main industries which apply our technology are automotive, education, aerospace and medical. We concentrate on our core competencies, where we have excellent know-how.

    Beyond that we support our various customers in solving problems of innovative developments and part constructions as well as in providing a variety of consumables.

    It is our personal concern to meet the requirements of our customers as well as to increase their individual benefit.

    SLM Solutions stands for highest quality, process reliability and effectivity.

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