MOIIN Resins (DMG Digital Enterprises SE)

High-performance resins for modern 3D printing?

Welcome to Moiin!

From jewelry design to medical technology: Versatile Moiin 3D resins offer premium quality and are made in Hamburg. Working together, we can guarantee the right solution for your individual printing needs. Precise. Efficient. Hanseatic reliability

Great Versatility

Our materials are designed for open systems. Supported printer technologies include DLP, SLA and LCDs with 385 or 405 nm wavelength output.

As well as the MOIIN brand materials available, we also offer material development or customisation services to suit your requirements. Biocompatible solutions are also not a problem. After all, our roots lie in dentistry.

Exceptional Precision

Moiin developers have been able to almost completely eliminate one of the adverse characteristics of regular 3D print materials. The newly developed CDB technology (Cure Depth Barrier) minimizes unwanted over-curing in the Z axis of the printed object and therefore ensures unprecedented precision in all dimensions.

Five Decades of Experience in Materials

50 years of expertise goes into all the MOIIN materials, because behind MOIIN is DMG Digital Enterprises SE. Although relatively young itself, it is a sister company of the successful DMG Dental Material Gesellschaft mbH, founded in 1963. Its conventional and 3D product solutions are trusted by dentists and dental laboratories in over 90 countries around the world. Through MOIIN, we are now transferring this high-level expertise to new production sectors, with full access to all research, development, production and logistics resources.

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