We are on a mission is to revolutionise the preservation and accessibility of historical artefacts through state-of-the-art 3D digitisation. We are dedicated to providing accurate, high-quality digital reproductions that serve as invaluable resources for education, research, and the appreciation of our cultural heritage. Our commitment extends beyond technology; we strive to foster a deeper connection between the public and the rich tapestry of our past, ensuring that history is not only preserved but also brought to life for future generations.


We offer a wide range of services including:

High Quality 3D Reproductions

Breathe life into your collections. Go beyond static displays with stunning, interactive 3D replicas. Immerse visitors in a digital world of meticulously scanned artefacts, preserving their legacy for generations to come. Perfect for museums, educational institutions, and collectors, our high-resolution models offer:

·      Unparalleled accuracy: Capture every detail with cutting-edge scanning technology, ensuring authenticity and historical fidelity.

·      Interactive exploration: Let users zoom in, rotate, and examine objects from any angle, fostering deeper engagement and understanding.

·      Accessibility for all: Make your collections available to a wider audience, removing physical barriers and enhancing inclusivity.

·      Preservation for the future: Safeguard your artefacts from damage and time, creating a lasting digital record for future generations.


Virtual Learning Resources

Revolutionise education with immersive 3D experiences. Our engaging digital exhibits bring history, science, and culture to life for students of all ages. Ideal for schools, museums, and heritage trusts, our 3D models offer:

·      Interactive learning: Encourage active exploration and discovery with gamified elements, quizzes, and annotations.

·      Accessibility beyond walls: Break down geographical limitations and make learning accessibleto anyone with an internet connection.

·      Enhanced understanding: Visualise complex concepts and objects in 3D, promoting deeper comprehension and memory retention.

·      Flexible curriculum integration: Easily adapt our models to your specific learning objectives and curriculum.


Custom 3D Solutions

Have a unique project in mind? We tailor our services to your specific needs, ensuring meticulous digitisation of even the most complex objects. Whether you’re recreating historical artefacts, preserving industrial equipment, or designing 3D printed models, we offer:

·      Expert consultation: Discuss your project with our specialists to develop a customised scanning plan.

·      Advanced technology: Utilise our state-of-the-art scanners and software to capture precise and detailed 3D models.

·      Flexible formats: Export your models in various formats compatible with your specific needs and applications.

·      Confidentiality and security: Rest assured your projects are handled with the utmost discretion and data protection.


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