AMBOTS Inc. is commercializing the patent-pending swarm 3D printing and assembly technologies invented by the AM3 Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Originally conceived in 2015 by Dr. Wenchao Zhou, the founder and director of the AM3 Lab, swarm 3D printing and assembly was further developed by teams from both the AM3 Lab and the SiDi Lab directed by Dr. Zhenghui Sha. This technology aims to automate manufacturing with a swarm of smart and autonomous mobile robots, from everyday products to houses and infrastructures. Just like how a swarm of bees or wasps would work together to build their nests, the swarm of smart mobile robots can work together to print and assemble products based on digital models on demand. AMBOTS stands for Autonomous Mobile roBOTS and Advanced Manufacturing roBOTS.

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