Aconity3D is situated Aachen’s high-tech environment, surrounded by RWTH University and Fraunhofer research institutes. The company is focused on developing open, customer-specific machinery for 3D printing of metals.

Additive Manufacturing exhibits rapid development of a prototyping technique to a full-fledged manufacturing technique. Aconity3D helps industrialize its clients’ additive manufacturing process with its 5 business units. Besides special 3D printing machine solutions, Aconity3D offers a complete process development from feasibility studies to single part manufacturing all the way to implementing customers’ requirements in an industrial production surrounding.

Main business activity of Aconity3D is development of equipment for powder bed based laser melting of metals. The Aconity System Framework allows full customization of each machine towards customers’ specific application which enables industrial manufacturing at large scale and compatible costs. The company also provides special machine design according to clients’ requirements beyond the scope of their standard systems.

In addition, Aconity3D offers consulting services. Beside in-house trainings at your place and hands-on workshops in Aconity3D’s facilities, the company offers a holistic approach of consulting. Adapting their comprehensive training content, Aconity3D also provides tailored workshops towards specific customer needs.

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