Our platform connects clients who need 3D printing services with a network of 3D printing service providers essentially creating a streaming service. While the opportunities are endless, the website currently caters to three types of users; 3D printer owners, 3D designers and individuals looking for an item or object they may need.

3D printer owners can make money by making their printer publicly visible through the use of the Wingman. The addition of the Wingman allows owners to accept print requests from users anywhere in the world for a fee. Owners can set the price per print and delivery options.

3D designers have the ability to upload their designs to the 3DTeleprint ecosystem. Designs can be ordered and sent to a Wingman for printing, creating a revenue stream for designers while protecting their intellectual property. Designers can continue to own their design, making it available to an unlimited number of users.

Our platform offers a range of services to clients, including 3D printing, design, IP protection, scanning, and post-processing. It can be used by a variety of industries, including product design, prototyping, engineering, architecture, education, and healthcare though the platform is ideal for individual users as well.

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