3D Platform

The Most Trusted Open-Market 3D Printer

3D Platform is committed to making your biggest ideas a reality. As a global leader in manufacturing large format industrial strength 3D printers, our team is focused on driving advancements in technology to innovate, design, and build next-generation equipment for additive manufacturing at an affordable price.

When top industry leaders are looking to stay competitive in a demanding market, 3D Platform is who they call. We are trusted by Fortune 100 companies to deliver solutions that meet the unique design needs of the most innovative ideas. Recognized worldwide, our global distribution network supported by Certified Service Providers has helped us deploy more large-format, open- market 3D printers than anyone else. That’s Beyond Big.

3D Platform is a leading manufacturer of large-scale, industrial-class 3D printers. Based in Roscoe, Illinois, 3D Platform is a company of skilled mechatronics engineers who embrace advancements in technology to innovate, design, and build next generation equipment for rapid prototyping. 3D Platform is committed to building on industrial strength linear motion components, actuators, and motors while maintaining affordable flexibility with open market software and control solutions.

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