Elecosoft / 3D Architect

3D Architect, part of Elecosoft, sell a variety of software and printers using 3D technology. Their main products are their architectural software, such as their Arcon Evo, 3D Architect Home Designer, and Home Designer Pro softwares. These softwares allow designers and architects to create potential buildings and other models in 3D to visualise them.

In addition, this company also sells a variety of 3D printers for people and businesses to buy and create their own real-life models. These printers include the Craftbot Plus, in a variety of colours, and various Makerbot Replicator printers. These are all printers that can be used in construction and architecture.

3D Architect overall offers a variety of tools for designers, builders and architects to create real-life 3D buildings and models through the software and printers they sell.


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