The 3D Printing Dental Market is Booming

Published on January 18, 2018 by Jamie D.
3d printing dental

SmarTech Publishing recently announced its latest report on the 3D printing dental market, including an expected increase in market size to $9.5bn by 2027. SmarTech’s findings explain that the dental industry has grown by over 35% year-on-year in 2016 and 2017. These promising figures show the opportunity in the dental 3D printing sector due to the improvement of additive manufacturing. In addition, the report forecasts improvements to 3D printers, materials, and market shares related to the industry.

3D Printed Dental: Huge Growth

The current annual growths of 35% are due to increasing adoption of 3D technologies in the dental market. More and more companies are getting involved in the dental 3D printing market. These include prostheticians, dentists and laboratories who want to use 3D printing to manufacture their solutions. Moreover, the report states that “today, in a laboratory environment, it is common to have both subtractive and additive solutions that coexist in a digital workflow strategy. This portrays the increased adoption of 3D printing.

3d printing dental

A metal 3D printed dental implant, displaying the ability of 3D printing to create complex pieces.

Dentists around the world have long recognised that digital dentistry is the future of the industry. In fact, 3D printing is well-placed to become the first digital dental manufacturing process, due to its flexibility of production, efficiency and accuracy, whether for the manufacturing of orthodontic aligners, prostheses or dental crowns.

SLA & Dental

SmarTech Publishing announced that in the next 10 years, 3D technologies based on metal and resin will become the main production method for all dental solutions. Eventually, this is forecasted to cover the entire range of dental prostheses. SmarTech explains how desktop 3D resin printing solutions will play an important role in the growth of dental 3D printing. The report estimates Formlabs, a major resin 3D printer manufacturer, has increased its market share by over 20x in the last two years. This is mainly down to their Form 2 SLA 3D printer and certified dental resins.

3d printing dental

The Formlabs Form 2, a well-regarded SLA 3D printer for the dental sector.

It is therefore expected that additive manufacturing will play an important role in the dental sector, particularly in the production of metal implants. The report estimates that by 2024, 3D metal printing will grow to manufacture over $1bn worth of implants.

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