Top 5 Videos: How to Make Your Own 3D Printing Coffee Filament

Published on September 5, 2021 by Mikahila L.
3D printing coffee ground filament

Can you imagine using a filament for your 3D printer that is made from coffee? Well, this is what one 3D printing enthusiast has figured out after reusing coffee grounds and mixing them with PLA. In this compilation of weekly videos on additive manufacturing, you will learn step by step how it has achieved it. We will also look at some of the 3D-printed homes that are completely revolutionizing the construction industry. Finally, we will see a bicycle brand that integrates 3D printed parts made of composite materials, as well as a video of how to automate post-processing for 3D printing. Enjoy watching!

Top 1 – 3D Printing Coffee Filament

It’s not the first time that we’ve seen biodegradable materials transformed into hybrid 3D printing filaments. However, this time we bring a video of someone who has managed to develop a 3D printing filament made using spent coffee grounds. In the video, he explains step by step how to mix PLA thermoplastic with the coffee grounds. He also explains why such a thing may be useful, what the mechanical properties are, and, most importantly, how it smells when printed! He also used one of the 3DEVO machines for this. Find more details below:

Top 2 – 3D Printed Housing Revolution

As we know, additive manufacturing is gaining popularity with construction companies for the creation of houses and buildings. In fact, there are many homes made from 3D printed concrete. This disruptive technology is certainly here to stay. It is mainly due to the reduction of time and costs associated with construction, in addition to the lower environmental impact. But what does this mean for the construction industry? How far has 3D printing gone today? Discover some examples of projects that have integrated this innovative construction method.

Top 3 – Automation of Post-processing

After-treatment steps are critical in the professional additive manufacturing industry. The finishing of the pieces is a vital prduction stage to be taken into account by customers and companies. Through its automated and intelligent technology, the company PostProcess is rethinking the way the post-treatment process is conceived. Specifically, the company helps solve 3D post-print challenges with the aim of revolutionizing production through end-to-end digital additive manufacturing. Find below more information about this interesting topic.

Top 4 – 3D Printing Bicycle Components

The combination of 3D printing and bicycles is nothing new today. Many companies have adopted this technology for the development of components that lighten the weight of their vehicles, and they are absolutely right. This is the case of former professional cyclist Steve George, who has created his own bicycle brand, called Sugarloaf Cycles. What stands out about this project is that they have used carbon compounds to 3D print the toe caps of the bike, as well as the seatpost, the latter with titanium. In the video George tells his experience with the manufacture of bicycles and the use of 3D technology.

Top 5 – Reasons to use SLS technology

Finally, we have arrived at a video from distributor 3DZ, which tells us some of the reasons why we should use 3D SLS printing. When it comes to combining speed, resistant materials, surface quality, and a cost per part, SLS technology is a great option. To exemplify these reasons, 3DZ demonstrates on a 3D printer from 3D Systems, specifically the ProX 6100. Don’t miss it!

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