A 3D printed ping-pong table made of steel!

Published on December 27, 2019 by Carlota V.
3d printed ping-pong

Here’s a piece of news that should make all table tennis fans salivate: Cypriot designer Stelio Mousarris has designed a 3D printed ping-pong table or more precisely a table whose structure and net have been created by metal additive manufacturing from steel. Named the Plexus Ping Pong Table, it is inspired by the shapes of mountains taken from Google Earth. The net can easily be removed to transform the object into a classic table, thus preserving all the originality of its foot designed in one block.

Additive manufacturing is having a significant impact on the furniture industry with more and more designers, manufacturers and architects turning to this method to design more complex pieces, more original shapes, while maintaining high strength and optimized weight. The result is unique chairs with lattice structures for example, or benches designed with recycled plastic waste, etc.

A 3D printed ping-pong table you can transform

The designer Stelio Mousarris was inspired by mountainous terrain to imagine the entire table leg. He explains that he searched for different shots from Google Earth, which he then modeled to 3D print the foot and the net. Both pieces were made from steel – although the designer is discreet about the technology and machine used. One can imagine that he used Laser Powder Bed Fusion. It is also not known how long the printing process and post-processing steps took. One thing is certain, the result is impressive! The foot is reminiscent of mountain slopes, with its lattice structure adding a unique aesthetic.

The table measures 274 x 152 x 76 cm and 25 are currently available. The net is completely removable, allowing the sports equipment to be transformed into a dining table, to impress guests! Finally, the designer points out that a walnut surface covers the entire table, giving it a smooth appearance and contrasting with the darkness of the steel. You can find more information about this 3D printed table tennis on the official website of Stelio Mousarris HERE.

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