3D Printed Jewelry: by Diana Law

Published on April 5, 2017 by Alexandrea P.
diana law

3D printing has been making waves across many sectors, and 3D printed jewelry is no exception! Thanks to 3D printing technology, creating original, one of a kind pieces is now possible. Diana Law is an artist who has embarked on a mission to create stunning 3D printed jewelry, and has gained lots of attention and adoration. In an exclusive interview with 3Dnatives, she delves deeper into her method and her creation process, showing us the future of jewelry and 3D printing.

3DN: Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your first steps into the 3D printing world?

3d printed jewelry

Diana Law, the artist behind the 3D printed jewelry.

I studied design and fashion in France and moved into the creation of jewelry a few years ago. There are many challenges in this sector in terms of weight, costs, labor, delays, etc. These are challenges that have effects from the design to the creation process. As a result, I needed an alternative to traditional methods so that my ideas could be created. 3D printing has solved these problems as the technology has matured and has been refined over the years, making it easier to start something new on the jewelry market.

3DN: What materials and technologies do you use?

My collections are made up of solid and flexible plastic as well as stainless steel. We create our plastic jewelry through the Selective Laser Sintering process, which allows the fusion of very fine layers of nylon powder.

For metal parts, they involve a different printing process. The liquid binder is deposited on a thin layer of steel powder, which is then put with bronze. After, this enables the creation an entire metal part.

All of the prints are modeled after a detailed drawing, which is then put into a 3D rendering format. After, the digital files are downloaded by our manufacturers in Europe, and then the pieces that are printed in 3D are sent directly to the workshop in Paris for the final touches and to ensure their quality.

diana law

Earrings created by Diana Law through 3D printing.

3DN: What inspires you?

I would say life. The things I see, the people I meet, cultures, landscapes, sounds, the list goes on and on! These small moments of life really influence my work.

3DN: What are the benefits of 3D printing for the jewelry industry?

The production line is much easier to handle. I can choose my suppliers more easily and I am able to control the manufacturing process on my computer, wherever I am. The designs printed in 3D come back to me in a short time compared to the traditional techniques, which significantly reduces costs. We’re much more efficient when using 3D printing. Higher levels of complexity are now easier to achieve. Additionally, 3D printing is more environmentally friendly because it allows us to add material and therefore not waste it. This is good news for planet Earth!

diana law

3D printed bracelets designed by Diana Law

3DN: Do you have any future projects planned?

I’m planning on continuing my R&D work with material and design for my future collections. I hope to bring more innovation and ideas!

3DN: Any final words for our readers?

Be prepared to enter into an exhilarating time for 3D printing! All sorts of things are being manufactured using this technology such as bicycles, vehicles, houses, aircraft parts, bridges! and there are even gains being made in bio-printing. The future is really now!

diana law

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