A 3D Printed Glass Installation Made in Collaboration with Swarovski Is on Display in Venice

Published on October 3, 2022 by Madeleine P.

In recent years, additive manufacturing has had a significant impact in sectors like medicine, automobiles and aerospace. But did you know that 3D printing has also significantly contributed to innovations in art? This fact has been confirmed by designer Julia Körner, who exhibited one of her latest 3D printed glass installations in Venice. Here, the innovative artist, who has also dedicated herself to the field of fashion in the course of additively manufacturing costumes for a Marvel movie, aimed to show that additive manufacturing has had a major impact in art, notably in glasswork.

Nature, technology and material innovation – these three keywords perfectly describe the installation currently set up in Venice by the Salzburg artist. Named “Crystal Lamellas,” the fabulous installation was part of the Italian Glass Weeks, a festival organized in conjunction with the United Nations International Years of Glass that took place from September 10th through 25th. The exhibit was installed in the Gritti Palace in Venice in one of the most historic rooms, the Explorer’s Library.

3D printed glass

The 3D-printed sculptures were exhibited in Venice

3D Printed Art in Collaboration With Swarovski

In creating the 3D-printed Crystal Lamellas, artist Julia Koerner was inspired by the structures, colors and shapes of the gills and lamellae of mushrooms. The art objects were made with the help and support of crystal company Swarovski, which provided its state-of-the-art 3D glass printing technology. This allowed the mushroom-inspired figures to be produced in a spiral shape during a single print. Similar to what happens in nature, the 3D-printed objects are highly unique, meaning that each piece looks different in detail. This is evident not least in the colors of the glass sculptures, in which Swarovski was again instrumental, as they provided their coloring technology for Julia Koerner.

The artist’s installation exhibited in Venice is a follow-up project for the collaboration between Julia Koerner and Swarovski. Together, both sides want to focus more specifically on the sustainability aspect, innovative manufacturing technologies and design – and as you can see, it has definitely succeeded. To be precise, the 3D-printed lamellae even spring from an extension of the well-known JK3D lamellae series, which, made of polymers, are available in various sizes. You can learn more about the artist HERE.

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*All Photo Credits: Julia Koerner

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