Concept Revealed for Carbon Neutral, ‘Invisible’ 3D Printed Yacht

Published on February 6, 2023 by Claire S.

On the scale of luxury, 3D printed products can range from simple jewelry pieces all the way to opulent fashion and high-end motors. Today we are observing the latter end of the scale: Italy-based designer Jozeph Forakis has designed a  88m yacht which can be made with robotic 3D printing. The ship will appear ‘invisible’ when at sea thanks to mirrored glass. 

According to Forakis, his inspiration came from a Greek island, where he decided to create a yacht ‘as close to the sea and nature as possible’. Forakis designed the partially invisible aesthetic to mimic the clouds between the two. The boat, named Pegasus in an allusion to Greek mythology (perhaps a reference to the location of its inception), is a solar electric/hydrogen hybrid which he claims to be carbon neutral in operation. Its construction method, robotic 3D printing, creates a mesh framework including the boat’s hull and superstructure. Aside from being visually impressive, the end product is a lightweight yet durable yacht. In terms of sustainability, the ship will use solar energy to convert seawater into hydrogen. The on-board fuel cells will convert this into electricity.

The interior of the yacht, featuring the so-called ‘Tree of Life’

From the outside, the ship has a low, linear hull with a plumb bow. The interior design contains the so-called ‘Tree of Life’, the centrepiece to the design. It is a testament to the power of mother nature and the nucleus of the hydroponic plants. These provide a dual benefit of fresh food and air purification on board. The base of the tree emerges from a reflecting pool on the lower deck, which the Zen Garden surrounds. The tree extends vertically through all four levels accompanied by a sculptural spiral staircase. The top level of the yacht, with the exclusive access of the owner, has a forward-facing master suite featuring a large private terrace. The forward pool club has an aquarium-style lap pool and expansive horizontal windows that transform into open balconies, port, and starboard.

With offices in Milan and Brooklyn, Forakis’ design agency aims to connect physical and digital products with optimum environmental efficiency. The ultimate aim is to make ‘humanistic’ design solutions. As well as this 3D printed yacht, they have previously designed a 3D printed helicopter in collaboration with Leonardo. They also offer lighting, furniture, and technology products. You can find out more on the company website HERE.

The design for the water use system on the 3D printed carbon neutral invisible yacht

The boat will use sustainable methods to run the hydroponic farm.Waste water from the ship will be collected, filtered, then used in plant cultivation (to produce purified air).

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*All photos credit: Jozeph Forakis

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