A 3D printed bracelet for your Apple Watch

Published on October 5, 2018 by Michelle J.
3d printed bracelet

While the famous apple brand presented its latest Apple Watch a few days ago, the Freshfiber company unveiled its 3D printed bracelet for watches, thus dressing the famous gadget. Just like a phone shell, the bracelet comes to customise your accessory, a customisation even easier and faster through the use of 3D technologies. The collection was designed by the Dutch designer Matthijs Kok and today presents three different models.

3D printing of phone accessories is not new; there are many initiatives when it comes to creating personalised accessories. Technology has its place in a market that looks for customised products that are quick to manufacture and handle. And while Apple have yet to actually 3D print themselves they have taken initiatives to enter the market on with their own Apple 3D printers, yet to be on the market. However as apple have yet to join specifically through 3D printing, the Kok design have previously used the technology to also launched its range of cases for the iPhone X, printed from a flexible material. This time he looked at another product from the Apple range, the famous smartwatch. He created a whole series of 3D printed bracelets of different colours and styles for the apple watch.

3D printed bracelet

A customisable 3D printed bracelet

The Freshfiber wristband collection Apple Watch is composed of three models, Pulse, Obsidian and Aurora, each inspired by elements of nature. For example, the Obsidian bracelet copies the volcanic rock, resulting from the cooling of an acid lava and Aurora are inspired by the northern lights. The bracelets have been 3D printed from nylon and incorporate a flange structure that provides flexibility, lightness and comfort. A bimetallic spiral would be placed in the bands of the bracelet to take the shape of the wrist and keep it. Kok says that even the clasp was printed in 3D and hidden under the Freshfiber logo so as not to compromise the aesthetics of the Apple Watch.

Each 3D printed bracelet is designed after the user has sent the dimensions of his or her wrist and have chosen their colour among the 5 available (black, grey, red, blue and brown). The designer explains that he uses a laser selective sintering 3D printer to produce each custom-made bracelet. The specifics of the necessary time spend to print set bracelet are unknown, but it takes a week and a half off delivery before the accessory is received in the other end. Finally, the designer claims that the bracelet is water resistant, interchangeable and compatible with all models of the Apple Watch.

3D printed bracelet

It cost about 38€ for this little personalised gem. A great initiative for anyone who loves Apple and 3D printing! Find all the models on the Freshfiber website .

3D printed bracelet

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