3D drone used to save lives on beaches

Published on August 21, 2018 by Michelle J.
3D drone

This summer you can enjoy safe beaches thanks to the arrival of the 3D drone. It was created by the Valencian company General Drones, and its new development is called Auxdron Lifeguard, which have been responsible for the surveillance of the beaches of Port de Sagunt and Palma de Mallorca this summer. First step in a project that hopes to be established in all Spanish beaches and that has the support of the Marine Rescue.

Every day there are more drones that are given different tasks to help improve our lives, and evidently, many of them have been printed in 3D. A little back we told you about the cities that will be self-repairing thanks to the presence of drones printed in 3D. There is also the project of Flirty with Dominos making 3D drone that will bring the pizzas to your door or the drone with a 3D printer for the construction, which could be responsible for the manufacture of your next home; and this is just the beginning.

Dron 3d

The Auxdron Lifeguard

The presentation of the Auxdron Lifeguard was carried out in Las Naves, an innovation center belonging to the Valencia City Council. It was the Lieutenant of the Civil Guard and representative of the Area of ​​Technological Innovation, Rosalía Machín, that’s responsible for the presentation of the 3D drone. She mentioned the importance of bringing new technologies to the surveillance and rescue of the beaches due to its speed and capacity to reach inaccessible areas.

Auxdron Lifeguard: the 3D drone made with additive manufacturing

Due to the complexity of its shape and the characteristics required by the 3D drone such as resistance to sun, humidity and corrosion, it was necessary to use 3D technologies for its manufacture. That is also why they went to the Valencian company IT3D, distributors of the brand Colido, Tumaker and offer multiple services of 3D printing in Spain.

dron 3d

The development of the Auxdron Lifeguard was carried out with two 3D printers of FDM / FFF technology with a large volume of printing: the Colido X345 and the Tumaker BigFoot 500, which were responsible for manufacturing the chassis and central housing, the legs of the drone, the protectors for motors, in addition to some lighting elements.

The merger of these Spanish companies has managed to give life to a project that we will surely to be seen on more beaches for the future. That, without a doubt, is a proposal that will allow more people to enjoy the summer without any worries.

Presentation of the Auxdron Lifeguard:

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