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Compare Ultimaker Printers

Ultimaker is a 3D printing manufacturer based in The Netherlands which was founded in May 2011.

Contrary to the RepRap movement, Utimaker aims to make high-quality prints rather than printers that can self-replicate. Their newest printers, the Ultimaker 2 & 3 ranges only come pre-assembled, which demonstrates this. Having heavily expanded since being established by Martijn Elserman, Erik de Bruijn and Siert Wijnia, their printers can print ABS, PLA, CPE, and TPU 95A.

In addition to manufacturing printers, Makerbot also run their own specialised Software called Cura. Ultimaker printers have a layer resolution of up to 20 microns, can print up to 300mm/s speeds, and operate at between 180-260 Celsius. Their current range of printers includes the Ultimaker 3, the Ultimaker Extended, Ultimaker Go, Ultimaker 2 & 2 Go, and more.

3D Printers
Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 4.1/5 (222 notes)
The Ultimaker 2 Extended + is the new version of the Ultimaker 2 Exten...
Minimum price : On demand
Ultimaker 2 Go 3.8/5 (134 notes)
The Ultimaker 2 GB is a compact 3D printer that takes back the sober a...
Minimum price : On demand
Ultimaker 2+ 3.9/5 (607 notes)
The second generation from the Ultimaker workshops. The dimensions of ...
Minimum price : On demand
Ultimaker 3 4/5 (316 notes)
The Ultimaker 3 is the newest generation of 3D printers from the Dutch...
Minimum price : On demand
Ultimaker 3 Extended 3.9/5 (186 notes)
The Ultimaker 3 Extended is the large format version of the third gene...
Minimum price : On demand
Ultimaker Original + 3.7/5 (109 notes)
The Original is Dutch company Ultimaker's first 3D printer model.. The...
Minimum price : On demand
Ultimaker S5 3.7/5 (170 notes)
The Ultimaker S5 3D Printer was first shown at the Hannover Fair 2018 ...
Minimum price : On demand

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