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The Ultimaker S5 3D printer, presented for the first time at Hannover Messe in 2018 launched after the Ultimaker 3. It combines a dual extrusion system and improved connectivity, it also allows the use of non-proprietary filaments, and presents a the largest build volume on the Ultimaker range.

What's new on the Ultimaker S5?

The Ultimaker S5 features a large build volume, it can produce parts with a maximum size of  330 x 240 x 300 mm (against 215 x 215 x 200 mm for Ultimaker 3). Moreover, it comes with an enclosure and has a 4.7 inch touch screen. Other features of the Ultimaker S5 include end-of-filament sensors, an interchangeable print core system, dual head extrusion, heated glass plate and automatic calibration.

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle

Besides the printer itself there is also the so-called S5 Pro Bundle. Ultimaker has developed an Air Manager solution and a Material Station to optimize material management for the S5 3D printer. The Air Manager solution is a filtration system designed to improve air quality and provide a safer working environment. As for the Material Station, the aim is to enable continuous 3D printing. For example, the user will be able to store and manage materials (up to 6 spools of filament). Additionally, the chamber can keep the relative humidity below 40% while each of the 6 compartments are equipped with a sensor to automatically load another spool when the one used is finished.

We've already tested the Ultimaker S5 3D printer in 3Dnatives' Lab, check out our test & review HERE.

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Specs :
  • Manufacturer : Ultimaker
  • Type : Professional
  • Country : Netherlands
  • Material(s) : PLA, ABS, Plastic - others, Special filaments
  • Technology : Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Assembled : Plug&play
  • Size : 495x457x520
  • Weight (kg) : 20.6
  • Nozzle diameter (mm) : 0.25, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm
  • Layer thickness : 600
  • Speed (mm/s) : <24 mm3 /s
  • Precision (mm) : XYZ : 6.9, 6.9, 2.5 μm
  • Filament size (mm) : 2,85mm
  • Maximum build volume (mm) : 330x240x300
  • File types: .stl, .obj, .3mf, .x3d, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png
  • Software : Ultimaker Cura
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Key
  • Operating systems : Windows / Mac OS / Linux
  • Power requirements : 100 - 240 V 4A, 50-60 Hz 221 W max.
  • Others : Automatic Calibration, Heating plate, Integrated Camera, Double Extruder, Control Screen, Mobile Application, Closed chamber
All offers for the 3D printer Ultimaker S5 :
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