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The Stratasys F270 belongs to its F123 series. This 3D printer can surprise with its diverse and innovative solutions. An outstanding feature of the F123 series is that it covers the entire prototyping process, from concept review to design validation and functional testing. The F270 model is particularly impressive due to the variety of materials it supports and capability to upgrade to two printing materials.

The F270 allows for quick material changes.

Due to the four containers, automatic changeover is possible without having to do it by hand, so we can let the printer run for hours without any problems. Regular manual changes are a thing of the past thanks to the automatic media change.

Available materials: PLA, ABS, ASA, TPU92A

Automatic repair of broken files.

Stratasys F270 can work with various file formats, including STL, VRML and other 3D CAD file formats such as Creo, Solidworks, NX, CATIA and Inventor. If there is a defect in a file, the F270 can repair it directly from the file. Ultimately, a connection to the machine can be easily established via WIFI or Ethernet.

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Specs :
  • Manufacturer : Stratasys
  • Type : Professional
  • Country : USA
  • Material(s) : PLA, ABS, Plastic - others
  • Technology : Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Assembled : Plug&play
  • Size : 864 x 711 x 1.626 mm
  • Weight (kg) : 227
  • Nozzle diameter (mm) :
  • Layer thickness : 127
  • Speed (mm/s) :
  • Precision (mm) :
  • Filament size (mm) :
  • Maximum build volume (mm) : 305x254x305
  • File types: STL, VRML und native 3D CAD Dateiformate (Creo, SOLIDWORKS, NX, CATIA, Inventor),
  • Software : GrabCAD Print
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • Operating systems : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 und 10
  • Power requirements : 100–132V/15A oder 200–240V/7A
  • Others : Control Screen, Closed chamber
All offers for the 3D printer F270 :
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