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The Anet A8 is a 3D printer kit developed by Chinese manufacturer Anet. The Anet A8 uses FDM technology to print, with a Cartesian FDM head that can print ABS and PLA filaments

Anet A8, cost-effective performance

The printer comes in a DIY kit, easy to assemble before use. it is composed on an acrylic frame. The manufacturer says that you do not need much experience to assemble the machine adequately. 

The Anet A8 is compatible with a wide variety of filaments. It has a maximum build volume of 220 x 220 x 240 mm and comes with a heated print bed, reaching up to 100ºC. It is equipped with an LCD screen to provide an easier user experience. It is one of the most accessible machines on the market, with a starting price around $180.  

The manufacturer, Anet has also launched the Anet A8 Plus: an upgrade to its Anet 8 printer. 

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Specs :
  • Manufacturer : Anet 3D
  • Type : Kit/RepRap
  • Country : China
  • Material(s) : PLA, ABS, Plastic - others
  • Technology : Fused Deposition Modeling
  • Assembled : À assembler
  • Size : 500 × 400 × 450 mm
  • Weight (kg) : 7,4
  • Nozzle diameter (mm) : 0.4 mm
  • Layer thickness : -
  • Speed (mm/s) : 100 mm / s
  • Precision (mm) : 0.012 mm
  • Filament size (mm) : 1.75mm
  • Maximum build volume (mm) : 220x220x240
  • File types: G-code, OBJ, STL
  • Software : cura, repetidor-host
  • Connectivity : USB Cable, SD-Card
  • Operating systems : Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Power requirements : 180W, 110V - 240V
  • Others : -
All offers for the 3D printer Anet A8 :
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