Dynamical 3D is a full-service Spanish company serving the additive manufacturing market. Its main activity is to offer advanced 3D printing technology at affordable prices, as well as guaranteeing good results to its customers. The 3D ecosystem in which they are located seeks to provide answers to the needs of users in more than 30 countries around the world. Previously, the company was called Dynamical Tools, until the beginning of 2019 when they completely revamped their visual identity. In order to show the constant growth of the company, they decided to go for a new name, logo and website that can reflect their spirit.

Dynamical 3D’s businesses

Among its 3 business lines is Dynamical Tools, focused on the development of industrial-grade, versatile and affordable 3D printers. Its exponential development aims to cover the global demand for its products by investing in new facilities to multiply its production capacity. In second place is Dynamical Materials, which is the result of alliances with the industry’s leading materials manufacturers to offer a range of high-quality large format products. Finally, Dynamical Printing seeks to meet the growing demand for mass printing of high-quality parts. With the agreements reached so far, Dynamical 3D is ready to move into the 3D printing of large parts at competitive costs.

Dynamical 3D’s product range

When it comes to 3D printers, the Spanish company stands out with 2 machines that use FDM technology to manufacture parts. These printers have different characteristics and possibilities and their names are: the DT Lite and the DT 60. In terms of materials, Dynamical 3D has launched a new line of filaments thanks to the collaboration with the main manufacturers in the industry. Among those offered are: PLA, ABS, PETG, PEKK, PEEK, and other advanced polymers.

The company also offers solutions for different application areas. The benefits Dynamical brings to customers are reduced project development time and improved innovation cycles. Some of the engineering solutions they offer include integrated design, reverse engineering, and end-of-line parts.