Anycubic is a Chinese 3D printer manufacturer, established in 2015 in Shenzen. The company has become known around the world as an established research and developer of 3D printers, vendor, and service provider.

Cofounded by childhood friends, the company began to grow in scope as the team realized how much they became relied upon to provide spare parts to homemade 3D printer users. Eventually, this brought them to the decision to build their own 3D printers that would be available for consumer purchase. This first attempt was the release of the Anycubic Mega in 2016, which was met with high sales and happy reviews, leading to the later release of second and third-generation Anycubic 3D printers.

Anycubic currently features two lines of varied 3D printer models, one being a series of FDM/FFF extrusion desktop printers, while the other features a series of SLA resin 3D printers with varying build sizes. View the list of products below to get a better understanding of the machines that Anycubic provides.