The RepRap movement started in 2005, when Dr Adrian Bowyer at the University of Bath developed a low-cost 3D printing alternative.

This printer could print most of the components of itself, allowing RepRap printers to produce more copies, and self-replicate.

RepRap 3D printers is that they are usually delivered as a kit or as a DIY kit, so people can assemble their own RepRap 3D printer at home. However, some manufacturers also offer the service of delivering the 3D printer pre-assembled, which saves time, but doesn’t give the same satisfaction as being able to say to assembled your own printer.

Sometimes the question arises as to which companies produce RepRap 3D printers. This question is complicated because although some manufacturers titled their 3D printers as RepRap models, the differ from the core ideas of the originals. Compare RepRap printers below: