BQ are a 3D printer manufacturing startup based in Spain, who have created a number of best-selling printers. Since being established, BQ have grown incredibly quickly, and had a turnover of over €200M in 2014. This expansion, allowing them to hire over 1,000 employees, sees them currently in nearly 50 countries – all over the world!

BQ are one of the largest 3D printer manufacturers in Spain

BQ currently make 4 3D printers. These range in price from €579 to €1,770. Their cheapest printer is the BQ Hephestos. This printer was an evolution of a Prusa i3 printer, the most popular 3D printer in the RepRap community. Since then, BQ have released the Hephestos 2. This updated model costs €1,079,90, and can be assembled in under 2 hours, as well as having high quality prints than the original model.

BQ also make 2 models of their Witbox 3D printers. The cheaper model is the Witbox Go! This model costs €779.90 and is the first printer to use an Android OS. It is designed to be simple to use, using easy-to-use, in-house software. This therefore allows you to plug it in and use almost immediately. The second model, the Witbox 2, we have tested already: This printer costs €1,770 and allows for a more professional quality print. With a print area of 297 x 210 x 200mm, it also allows larger objects to be created.